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Ski recommendations for my bride

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Friends, I am looking for a new pair of boards for my wife. She has been skiing for five years -struggling mightily until we got her the right fit in a Lange boot last year. It has made all the difference in her ability to control the skis, and ski without foot pain. She is on her original skis - a pair of K2 Escape 3500's. Not sure of the size because the skis are not marked oddly enough (probably under the binding). I would estimate they are in the 150cm range, and she is 5'1 and about 115 lbs. She is a solid skier on blue and easy black groomers. More of a foot steerer/skidder - something we are working on. I would like to get her into somthing that will move her towards a more solid carving technique but will not punish for scarving. We live in Maine which has a variety of conditions - on the same day and same trail at the same time. I have been skiing the Elan M666 and love the way it hooks up and, most of all, is unflappable in crud and what I call "buffet conditions" (a little pow, a little ice, a little crud, etc). So perhaps a mid fat? That is the kind of ride I would like her to have. I hope I have given enough info. Thanks for the suggestions. David
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Dynastar Exclusive Legend, 152cm -- any recent vintage, they're all same or similar with different topsheets. Both my daughter and my sister are on these and love 'em for different reasons - notably versatile ski. Based on Legend 4800 if you're familiar with that one.
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Get her on a pair of short Z9s if they come short enough. My wife is 5'6" 120lbs and uses the 162cm length on the groomers and loves them. They are really easy to slide into a carve but still hold an edge when she skis them hard. Only issue is I am not sure if they make a shorter ski than the 162.
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Here are a few options....
K2 One Luve - 74mm
Volkl Attiva Tierra - 76mm
Nordica Olympia Victory - 74mm
Head Every Thang - 72mm

My wife skied on the Victory and loved them. She has since moved up to the Conquer 84mm and loves them more.
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I'm very encouraged that she is in a good boot, and though I'll suggest some skis she would like, my first suggestion is Demo!

If there is any chance she can demo, have her do it.
She'll know the ski that she wants when she gets on it.

If you're looking for a mid fat-ish carving ski, Argus made a few good suggestions. I'm going to say what I prefer in that range with the Nordica Olympia Victory. its 74 in the waist this year but the 09's will be a 78, which mimics the nitrous.
That is a great suggestion.
The Elan Wave spice (80 w)is a tremendous ski for carving, crud, and stability. Makes me grin when I get on it, but I haven't skied it since my little sister borrowed it and won't give it back!!

Another one that I really enjoyed was the Head Wild Thang. IIRC, it is 81 ish in the waist and has a nice flex and some great stability.

My personal favourite in my current quiver is the Blizzard Titan Eos, 88 in the waist, nice midfat, but definitely not a carving ski.

Hope this helps more than hurts.
Now, take a short list and demo like crazy.
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Thanks for all your kind replies. Trekchick, we are going to be at Jay Peak all next week. Will be the perfect time to have some demo fun. Will look up all your suggestions. But I do have a soft spot for the Elans - my quiver is the M666 and Ripsticks. Yummmmm.
Cheers, David
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