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My name is Mollmeister and I have a ski jacket/outdoor wear *problem.*

But I feel much better about my *problem* now that I have discovered Nau products. As I understand it, Nau is a company founded by some ex-Patagonia folk, who wanted to push the envelope with corporate and social responsibility practices (a truly sustainable business) and create stylish, more urban-looking, technical gear. Most of their products are made with recycled/sustainable materials, and a portion of ALL purchases goes to a charity of your choosing. (They support a whole bunch, and you get to pick yours at check-out.)

The look is much more urban than other technical clothing-- think chocolate browns, slate greys, blacks, and olives in cuts that reflect military and very pared down high-fashion styling. Very clean, very simple, very Jil Sander meets Patagonia. But not flashy high-fashion. Think minimalist. Arc'teryx without the visible logos and with a slightly less outdoorsy feel.

So anywhoo, I got an Urbane Jacket a while back. It's probably the most *style-y* of the women's jackets, with a funky button placket that curves up the front, over a zipper. It's attractive and visually interesting enough to wear with a pair of jeans, but was billed as technical enough to wear on the slopes.

The Good
This is a gorgeous jacket. Interesting looking and classy, without being all Bognerish. Definitely different than anything else I have seen on the hill. Very flattering to the female form, with a curved button placket that emphasizes female curves, and a scooped tail in the back that covers what you want to cover and emphasizes what you want to show off, all the while keeping out snow and errant, up-the-back breezes..

Well constructed, from fabric that has a really nice feel to it, even though the face fabric is made of 100% recycled material. Smooth and drapey, not *crunchy.* Decorative buttons are affixed with narrow webbing, not sewn on, so they feel pretty bombproof and unlikely to fall off. It's a two-later laminate, waterproof/breathable membrane laminated to a face fabric. Waterproofing held up well during a sunny day with some falls and a snowy day following.

Comfortable to wear, enough pockets for me, and the zip-off hood is lightweight and packed away nicely when I didn't need it. Fit is trim, but roomy enough for several layers without binding at critical points.

I feel really good about the way this company is trying to conduct business, and buying from them feels guilt-free, when you are choosing your charity and learning about the eco-sensitive fabrics and distribution channels they try to use. Are they perfect? I don't know. Unlikely. But they're trying pretty hard and turning out good looking product in the process.

The Bad
Not much.

This jacket is definitely a light shell. It's not advertised to be windproof, and it's not, but it would make an awesome spring skiing jacket on a warm day, and did just find on a colder day with a Mountain Hardware wind shirt and a heavy long underwear shirt.

Not enough venting if you're truly wearing it on a spring day, but it's light enough that I don't know that it would be a problem.

I am going to keep watching this company. I tried on a soft shell ski pant back in November and wish I'd bought it. The fit was fantastic, and obviously other people agreed, because they sold out of small sizes very early!