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Ski for low intermediate in western snow 50%-50%? - Page 2

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I vary between 225 - 240 lbs...
They seem to handle me with no problem...
The 176 length is the same as Dawg(Scott) tested and reviewed, and he is 150lbs...
His advice to ski it around head height...
Which worked out just fine...
As far as speed they seem to have a very large performance envelope...
I use these to ski with my kids, they are only in their 2nd year snowboarding, and they work just fine...
I just cruise along with them on the green runs, no sweat...very forgiving...
Again I suggest you call and talk to Scott or Kevin at Village ski and bike...541-593-2453, they can be a lot of help...
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
If he's a low intermediate, I still think something in the low 70s would be best. This isn't the best for pow or crud but my bet he's going to be spending a lot of times on groomers. He can ski in a Dynastar 10 up to 6" no problems. How about a nice Fischer RX6, AMC76/79. Watea 78 is also a sweet ski. The 84 (which I own now) is a great ski and agree with everything rspacher said. I have skied it everywhere, I think the only thing I don't think its a great firm snow ski. It's OK but not a real great firm to hard snow ski. Of course the big question is: How are your boots? Have they been alligned and all. If not, start there!!!
Watea 78 for an improving intermediate would be my recommendation. You probably don't need a ton of width. I would also recommend the Contact 10, elan Magfire 10, Xenon 7.0, ect. something between 70-78mm is versatile and will cover the range of conditions you are likely to see, yet help you progress in your skiing development. Most every company makes a good ski in this range that isn't demanding yet capable of relatively high performance.

The recommendations above regarding length seem correct. If you go too short, you will lose versatilty when you do venture off piste, and going too long will make your skis feel like 2x4's, relatively speaking.
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This thread has taken some interesting twists and turns that have left me scratching my head over a bunch of things. Been fun to watch though... But what I want to know is how someone says they want a powder capable ski that will help them improve & further calls out that they ski someplace like PowMow & then - and then... - anyone beings up skis under at least 90 or 100 at the waist? I mean: ????? Did I just fall into a black hole that shipped me back in time 10 years? Or is needless struggling just a rite of passage & I missed the memo?
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The Black Hole....

I'm avoiding saying "if you ask enough folks a question, you will get an equal number of different answers", but I think there is maybe some amount of misunderstanding, or better said, maybe I mis-stated my objective.

I already have a 70 wide set that I can ski on piste with if I want. (They are in fact Finndog's favorites .... the Bandit X! )

What I was looking for was an alternative that would take me off piste, but still be something a low intermediate could handle, and be easier to use than knifing thru a foot of pow with the Bandits.

So, maybe I should say a two ski quiver? I dunno, but I believe there is something to be gained from each post's perspective.

For a moment I thought I had the answer, a short, mid-wide, that would be easier to handle thru deeper snow and crud, but now.......
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Update: went with Head im78 in 171. Maybe good, maybe bad for my skill level, but I had to put a stake in the ground.
I can always add a wide dedicated pow ski later.

Thanks for all the help! You guy's rock!
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You gotta post some info after you give them a whirl
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I though I'd just let this thread die of natural causes, but maybe there is some value to others in my category!

Not a ski review, but I did ski the iM78 171 cm. for 6 days in the west. 5 days of packed powder, only one day of 6" powder .

Took a 1/2 day lesson from one of the best instructors on the planet, which jump started my week, and gave me enough confidence to ski faster.

I thought the iM78's could do anything I asked them to do. Was it the most forgiving in it's class, I dunno, but they never surprised me with unanticipated moves, and only in broken up crud, fresh over frozen, did I feel it get anywhere squirrelly, and that was more an issue with my ability. They have plenty of edge bite on packed and allowed me to work on turning correctly rather than skid turning (I'm almost at parallel on steeper green sections , and blues are do-able, but I lose form quickly).

On the last day there was a mini dump and what a difference the snow made! While I thought the skis did well in the hard stuff, they were amazing in the 6" un-groomed stuff.

As far as the length goes, they seemed plenty agile at 171, and I might test them longer, just for fun! Although they were "on loan", I may just have to pick up a pair.

The real value in this thread is in the great responses from the Epic regulars, finndog, rspacher, beyond, mjb, dawgcatching, dowork, et al, all had value, and gave points to consider that I was clueless about.
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If you want something you can handle now but will grow with you, and if you plan to actually take a lesson here or there and learn how to carve, suggest forgiving mid-fat with some guts: Legend 8000, Watea 78, iM78 are good places to start. Each will suit different kinds of snow. Not a fan of twin tips for your purposes because they're too easy to ski badly. Later on, strongly recommend you try out some.
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