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Help: Skis for skiing with my 5 year old son

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Hey all.

I'm looking for some recommendations on a short ski that will allow me to ski with/teach my 5 year old (who is just starting out). My 190cm Atomic BetaRide 9.22's are a real PIA when I'm skiing with him on the bunny slopes. Ideally, I'd like to buy a pair of shorter skis that will not only allow me to have fun with my son on the bunny slope, but that would also allow me to have fun when I sneak off for a few runs by myself. (Bringing 2 pairs of skis to the hill can be kind of a drag). Also, I don't want to break the bank on these skis (under $200-$250 would be great).

So, here's my current thinking:

A (lightly) used pair of twin tip skis, probably 4 or 5 seasons old in model year. Specifically, I'm looking at some used Salomon teneighty's in either a 161 or 171 length. Like I said, I'm currently skiing on 190cm Atomic 9.22 BetaRides; I'm about 6 feet tall, 195 pounds. I would rate myself as advanced (I love the double blues and single blacks at Park City Mountain Resort). I enjoy the groomed as well powder. I tend to stay away from bumps, unless they are nice and soft and not too big.

Any other thoughts/recommendations/experiences would be appreciated.


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Even 171 twin tips sound really short when you consider the reduced contact length. I would think something like a Fischer RX6 would be a good choice especially if it has the integrated bindings so you don't need to pay for a remount. Then again, have you asked your shop if they have anything that they could recommend?
I hear what you are saying about going shorter. Earlier this season, I followed some young kid into the woods only to immediately realize that there was no way that my 170cm skis were going to make his tight turns. It was ugly fast.
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Thanks for the reply.

I don't really have a regular shop, so I haven't checked with them.

I thought that getting a twin tip would be a good idea, since it would allow me to ski (more easily) backwards when I'm with my little boy. Also, most pipe/park twin tips seem to be fairly wide at the waist (greater than 78mm), and I thought that a wider waist would be a benefit when I'm leaning/bending over to pick up my son after a fall. But you make a good point about the reduced contact length of a twin tip.

Also, I'm not looking to replace my 9.22's with this purchase (though, at some point soon, I need to do that). Just looking for a 2nd pair for the above stated reasons.

The Fischer RX6 looks nice, but it's not a twin tip, so I hadn't considered it. But you're right, with the integrated binding, it's a good deal.

Keep 'em coming!

Thanks again,

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Look for a used ski with a demo binding on them. That is what I did (but did my own binding adjustment as I'm cheap).

I actually found a pair of demos that were beat up tops, but functional bases for $80. (Dynastar Intuitiv 71). I actually am taking them up tonight to ski without the kids.

Just check ebay and do a search with length, etc. that you are looking for and things like "demo", keep and open mind, and you will be surprised what you find.
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First off, you have to figure out what the hell Salomon is doing with their twintip line. They keep changing names and overusing the 1080 name. The original 1080 was fun for its time but really wasn't much of ski outside the park. The 1080 Spaceframe, which replaced the original 1080, was a fun twintip both in and outside the park. It's current incarnation is the Thruster. Last year's model had the same dimensions as the 1080 Spaceframe and skied pretty much the same. This years model is a bit wider and is reported to be better out of the park....I haven't had a chance to ski it. If you're looking for used look for 1080 Spaceframe or 1080 Thruster. 171cm will be fine for dinking around but 181cm would be better for playing with when not skiing with your son.

One ski I see lots of on eBay are Rossignol Scratch FSs. The second generation of this ski, with a 84mm waist, are much better carvers than the 1080s. They are stiffer than the 1080 so you can easily ski on a 174cm length. They ski a bit heavier making them less fun at slow speeds but more fun on groomers when you're not with your kid.
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Just pondered this myself, and have a kid of same age... then, this weekend she just "got it"(well controlled turns to shed speed) and next we'll run some blues... I had thought to merely rent until she found the fall line... but just like that, she's found it... maybe your kid will "get it" on the next run and save you a few hundred dollars too

Not sure how you're teaching, but I had some success starting down 20 or so yards; then later "mimicking" the "frenchfry/pizza" to about 40 yards... and always stopping as an important part of the "lesson". Sounds kinda boring--and she let me know it!--but by punctuating the runs with full stops, and repeating the same 20-40 yards+STOP with each increase in grade I *think* she got the confidence, and muscle memory to read the hill, instead of simply running down to catch another lift back up

Now, when I run 100+ yards and stop, she's stopping near me and we talk about the run--although short--to get more of that reading the hill and "how was that? into the experience.

I ski 183s, poles held in one hand, and find these lessons good for me too!

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Posting again after 4 hours with my kid(6), and she's graduated to a "blue" run. Sure, she's still at a "wedge" turn, but near "wedge christy"...

Again, your child will "get it" so soon that buying "short skis" is better spent on the cost to get him, and you, on the slopes(lift ticket and rentals if need be).

Ski your ski, and well, and your kid will follow... as kids will do!

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