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getting off the groomed

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originally posted this in general forum but think it belongs here:
Headed for first trip out West,specifically Alta. thought it might be a good idea (or least good excuse) to pick up a more off-piste/powder friendly ski than the Head Supershapes or Salomon X-Wing Tornadoes which I own. Planned on bringing the Tornadoes. Suggestions on a more versatile, wider ski more suited to the conditions we'll find there for an "improving" (God knows I'm working on it) intermediate (6', 175lb) who wants to get off the groomed?
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Bring your Tornado's they will work for you. As far as a wider ski goes your best bet will be to try some demo's while you out there.
First suggestion is if you like the way your Tornado's ski, you could try the Fury. In that same vien you could test out an Outlaw, Afterburner, Monster 88. Those are all mid to upper 80mm waisted skis that will work well for all conditions.

Try a bunch if you can....HAVE FUN!!!!
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Leave the Tornadoes home!

Stop at Snowbird and pick up a pair of Dynastar Legend Pro's or XXL's or even Mythic Rider's and see what a good ski feels like - no more foam cores for you after that! Rubbish!
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foam vs wood

Relatively new to all this, and got the Tornados after reading some positive remarks at the end of last season. Live and learn. But on the subject of foam vs. wood, I understand ski construction is can be complex but can someone please explain a little further the preference for wood based construction. In an effort to develop my carving technique, have skied mostly the Supershapes. Have mainly used the Tornados on bigger mountains in Alps, on piste and they were fine for me.Like many others here, it seems, looking
for a more off-piste, but not exclusively powder ski. What about the Nordica Hot Rod Afterburners or Nitrous for example. The Fischer Watea? Head Monster? Just trying to narrow it down to a few good choices.
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Wood vs Foam, i'm sure if you did a search on this site you can find pages of arguments for and against each. IMHO wood is more resilient, has a more lively feel, and is more solid. Foam can make a ski a bit lighter, but in past experience a foam core over a season of 100+ days will be dead and have no life to it in the end. The wood core holds up better over time. Now, that also depends on the type of skiing you do and how hard you are on your equipment.
I think for your purpouses as an improving intermediate, it would not make a huge difference over the next 3-4 years that you use the ski before you decied you want to upgrade.
Good news is most of the ski's I mentioned before are wood core.
As for the AB's and Nitrous they are constructed the same, but the AB is 84mm underfoot and the Nitrous is 78mm. Since your Tornado's are 74mm, you would get a bigger bump in performance going with the AB.
I think that at your level a mid to upper 80's waisted ski would be great for doing it all. The wider the ski, it can be more damanding in mixed conditions and it will be slower edge to edge. This is not something an improving INT skier needs to help advance their skills. The big exception would be in fresh pow where a fatter ski actually makes it easier.

So the new list....
Nordica Afterburner
Fischer Watea 84
Head Monster 88
Dynastar Mythic Rider (that's for snofun3)
There are others too......

No matter what, the extra 10mm from your Tronado's will make a good diference.

Now, demo, and if you think you want more, then go wider from that point. They are all good skis and only you can deciede what is best for your skiing style/tecnique.
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many thanks Argus for patience in reply. guess I'll bring the Tornados and demo what's available in wider stuff when we're out there.
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