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Steamboat to Denver Question

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I am going to be traveling from Steamboat to Denver the last Sunday in March to catch an early flight out on Monday. I am guessing most people would take routes 40 & 9 to Dillon and then I-70 to Denver. Would it be a bad idea to take either route 14 or 34 over to Ft. Collins and then drop down to Denver on I-25? I don't get to Colorado very often and would enjoy a change of scenery on the return trip. Would there be any reduction in the traffic that I am anticipating on the "normal" route on a Sunday afternoon?
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14 over Cameron Pass is a beautiful drive. There won't be any traffic, but the road is curvy and slow. I think it would add about 1 1/2 hours to your drive.
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Unless it was today where an avalanche closed the road for several hours. (Cameron pass)

14 is a pretty drive but taking 40 through Winter Park over Berthold Pass to 70 would be less time even when you factor in skier traffic.

That route would bypass Summit Co. congestion and traffic usually moves along pretty well by the time you get to the 40/70 interchange.

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If you are taking an early flight out Monday, enjoy the longer drive. Althought 1.5 hours as a bit added onto a 3 hour trip. The 40-> Berthoud Pass-> I-70 is also nice and you can stop at the hot springs along the way if you like.
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34 through the park is closed during the winter.
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