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Did I get a good ski deal/make the right choice?

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Been outta of the ski scene for the past 10+ yrs, but just came back last season to experience the magic of the shaped ski (WOW!).

After demo'ing Volkl AC2s (156cm) and trying tiny Unlimited R1 rentals (142cm...used mostly to ski backwards while I videotaped my 11yr old learning to snowboard), I bit the bullet and ordered a pair of new '07 154cm Volkl S5 Supersports TIs w/ Marker IPT 11.0s. Got them for $360 shipped.

From what I've been reading, I believe I'm a PSIA 7+ skier. I'll ski bumps if they're there, but I do mostly local skiing here in SoCal (groomers, groomers and more groomers w/ the occasional baby moguls). What I wanted was a really quick turning ski...and I loved the energy and pop both Volkls that I tried had (even the low model Unlimited R1). I would say I go anwhere from 2-4 times a month during our CA season (Nov-Mar). Did I make the right choice? I know the 69mm waist isn't going to work wonders in powder, but let's face it, there's more groomed than powder out here in socal. I love to carve edge to edge on black groomers, and I'm not a real speed freak anymore (my kid has done that to me).

I was told the ski was probably too short for me at my size (5'8, 163lbs), but I figure I'm not going to be pushing max speed and that I would rather sacrifice some high-speed stability for lower speed maneuverability (our blacks have tiny moguls but are still steepish, so I'll still need to scrub off some speed). So what do you pros think? Did I make the right choice?
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Did you demo any longer lengths? Just curious.

Ski length is a personal choice and if you are comfortable with the skis, fine.

However, my daughter weighs about 100 lbs. and after skiing different lengths for years, she finds that she now prefers a ski with a length of 172.
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I'm thinking maybe a tad short. I think you'd like the 163 better. It's tough because your taller then most 163lb people.

For a small hill and skiing with the kids, they may be ok.
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The Supersports are a pretty serious ski that like to be skied hard. From what you describe about your personal experience, they might be a bit too much ski for you. My friend's wife got talked into buying the 5 stars, and she wound up selling them after 1 season. They just over-powered her. I've skied my friend's All Stars (formerly the 6 Stars?) and they are amazing skis, but they LOVE speed. Not really great for mellow cruising. But they loved to be pushed hard. A great Eastern ski (for the ice/hard pack).

Of course, YMMV, so you might really like the 5 Stars. The shorter length will probably help.

Good luck!

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I'm on the 5* ti also at 1.75, 6'2 240 lbs. I simply love this ski!
Even with my weight, they are rocksolid, and offcourse I have no trouble bending them. Compared to the racetigers they are a lot more forgiving and handle quiet well with modered speed, they excell at high speed. They cut through almost everything and can hold an edge insanely. So skiing them short is very well possible, bending them with your weight could be a slight problem??
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First off, thanks for the feedback, guys. I knew I made the right choice coming back to skiing...can't beat the people

Didn't demo other lengths...I somewhat prefer the small ski. Read some slightly more alarming comments that the ski might be too much -- perhaps a little more background on me. I started in '84 as a 9yr old, went pretty constantly until '95 or so. Besides our better resorts in CA (Mammoth, Heavenly, etc), have skied out of state (UT, CO) as well. Ended up handling non-shaped 180s on 'speed' days, 170s on 'bump' days. Again, I'm not PSIA rated or anything, but I'd like to think I can handle--or learn to handle--the demands of this ski. I'm an avid sports fan (club/HS volleyball coach, play vb 3-4x a week, mtn biker, inline skater) so I think I'm adequately athletic to take this ski on, especially in a manageable 154cm size. I'm actually excited to learn/tame this supposedly beasty ski!

The comment from QmQ on bending the ski...is it that I'd be too light or heavy for the ski at this size? (hehe..post merry holidays I got up to 175lbs). Or that I wouldn't have enough leg strength to bend them? Just a little confused. Again, I'm just getting back into the ski of things these past 2 years...please forgive me.
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Sounds like you got a good deal. To me they sound a little short. I've got a ten year old daughter on 150s and 156s (although they are softer skis). But if you like them it dosen't matter one bit.

Just have fun and rip it up!!!!!!
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Just finished off my 2nd day skiing the S5. Most everything above is spot on -- it DOES love to be skied hard, it does have incredible confidence-inducing edge grip...I was the Ice Warrior tonight carving w/ some serious inclination, while most others steered clear of the icy sections. These things carve a mean tight turn (11.9m @ 154)...angles ahoy!

The cons so far? It DOES NOT like cruddy or sloppy conditions. I was watching guys on fatter skis (Bandits, Gotamas) motor right through crud w/ little drama and was very envious, haha. It IS a tiring ski...takes a lot of leg pressure to hold those tilted edges in for those tight radius turns. This is definitely not a cruiser-GS type, especially not at this length.

All in all, despite these demands and detractions, do I like this ski? Of course I do -- I LOVE it!
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