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VOLKL Tigershark 10 foot or ?

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need advice on new skis. blew out an edge on 175cm 6 star supersports so i need a new pair. I am 5' 10" at 210 lbs. i found the 175cm supersports great at anything but super high speeds. want to know if anyone has an idea of stability of tigershark 10 at speed. looks like 175cm is as long as they go. thanks
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I'm looking at this ski right now also. Reports on it look quite impressive. I plan to demo a pair shortly......you should do the same.
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i would like to demo these skis. however, do not know if another volkl demo is going to happen here in the northeast. nothing on website and was told by local dealer that last volkl demo was at at Straton in VT two weeks ago. anyone know if/where volkl demo will be in the northeast? thanks
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bought a 178cm Racetiger RC.: closest to 6 star supersport.
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demoed these (also tried the 12's) on Mammoth mixed & was impressed (kept them for 3 days!) held very well at speed...though my jury is still out on the powerswitch tech. they blasted sweetly on the slalom course. (+)the unexpectedly wide float underfoot delivers at lower speed in sluff; (+/-)the weight of these boards will bust through anything.
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I am skiing the Tigershark 10ft in a 175cm this winter and love them. You are about 20 lbs heavier than me but I am an aggressive skier and love them. They are beefier and wider than the 6 stars but are more forgiving and yet higher performing than the 6 stars.

If you are really aggressive and ski bigger mountains at high speed then consider the 12 foot...it is 6mm wider at the waist. You will give away some quickness in short radius turns but gain some stability at speed.

I was skiing Sunday on hard snow and did not push the skis beyond their stability point.

My skis do not have the powerswitch and at your size and weight it does not have any use on hard snow where I ski most. Decided to save the money and put it toward a wider, western ski instead.
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TS 10 w/ switch

I have the TS 10s w/ switch and LOVE them. One thing I'll add to this thread relates to last poster's comment. I would say the switch does have a use especially on hardpack/ice in the following way: the flex of the non-switch version is somewhere between the switch version's "on" and "off" flexes. So, IF you want the stiffest version of all these options, you need the switch, with the caveat that I have no idea how much softer the non-switch version is than the switch in "on" so if it's a "splitting hairs" kind of difference, then ignore all of the above!

FWIW, I'm a 5'9" 170 lb former racer...ski hard eastern snow pretty aggressively, and I far prefer the ski in "on" except in serious bumps.
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Have skied the TS 10 ft for 2 seasons without the powerswitch and love them.  Have found no shortcomings with them.  I personally do not like to change a ski's flex and don't need something to break.


If I need a wider, softer ski for western conditions I will buy another pair like the AC50s.


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Where do you ski, what types of runs do you ski?  These questions are important when trying to make a decision.  The TS is rock solid, but if you want Volkl and a little more all mountain feel then you want the AC30, 40 or 50.  Like the backside and ski in softer snow?  You want the Mantra or something else a little wider.  I own the Mantra and would never take it out east.  For that I'd take my older AC4 or my even older 7-24's.  The hardest part of picking a ski (if you can only own one) is being honest with yourself on how and where you'll use it.  That more than anything else should determine what you buy.

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