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Head IM82 v Atomic Crimson

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Decided to take a few midfats out today at Bristol Mountain in western New York. Was hoping to try some Mantras and Watea 84 and 94's, but the demo center had none, so wound up trying some 172 IM 82's and some 176 Atomic Nomad Crimsons. These were the only lengths they had, so no choices there.

Me- 5'11, 195#, 55yrs., 6th year skiing, but averaging 60 days per yr. since starting, Level 7-8?, can handle soft bumps, but not proficient yet, and don't venture into icy ones - ski everything else very fast and aggressively

Head I Monster 82 ( 122-82-108 )- these were first up and my initial impression as I skated away from the demo center was that these were very stout skis that were going to have to be driven. This proved to be pretty much on the money-these babies are damp and need constant skier input and speed to perform. They have tenacious edge grip and will rip the fall line, preferring GS size turns. I could vary their turn shape as long as I kept them at mach speeds, but require a lot of energy to ski more slowly. These are excellent crud busters, pretty much unflappable in the heavy somewhat wet new man-made conditions I was skiing them in. If you like to get in the back seat frequently like I do, better bring your A game-these skis really demand your attention. Having said that, I felt very comfortable on the Monsters, just not my type of ski, too damp with very little energy or pop.

Atomic Nomad Crimson ( 128-86-114 )- the wider, longer Crimsons felt lighter, and somehow I felt instantly comfortable on them. Giddyup! I took off without hesitation and ripped down the fall line, able to make any turn shape I wanted. Edge grip? As good as the Monsters, but much faster laterally, and could easily be skied leisurely. Back seat? Crud? No problemo-huge sweet spot and bashed the crud. These are amazingly quick, versatile skis with an amazing performance envelope. I could go on further, but you get the picture. I really liked these. Perhaps most amazing to me is that there has not been more buzz on this forum about them.
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I had the same reaction to the Crimson, although I bought the 183. I am 6', 200#.

I did not try the Head, but I spent a few days demo'ing the Watea 84, and felt there just was not enough there there. (I am not adept enough to describe it, so that may have to do.)

It would be interesting to hear others' take on the Crimson, especially w/r/t the flat mount vs. Neox. I have the flat version, and find it to be light and substantial, if that makes sense.
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Great reviews.

The Crimson feels like a much smaller ski while providing the soft snow benefits of a wider midfat.

I've owned the 82 in a 183cm and skied the 183cm Crimson. If I skied the East more than the West, I would prefer lively & grippy feel the Crimson. Out west the damp feel of the Monster has merit.

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Originally Posted by blokhead View Post
... and my initial impression as I skated away from the demo center was that these were very stout skis that were going to have to be driven...These are excellent crud busters...
That's very well put. While I haven't skied the Atomic, the Head tracked through the chopped snow like a freight train. The conditions were heavier wet powder- for JH- and later choppy mashed potatoes. I was impressed with the M82- I was further impressed my the M88.

I weigh 190 @ 6'2" and a moderately strong skier- well uh, for Jackson
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Me- 51 yr old, 5'11", skiing 28yr

I got the Nomad Crimsons at the start of this season. I've skied them both east and in CO so far. I'm really impressed with their ease of navigation in powder and crud. They edge very nicely on groomed packed powder and machine-made. Their 86mm underfoot makes them a bit unwieldy on eastern hardpack and ice.

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I also demoed the Crimson and same thing, I instantly felt much more confidence. Powder, crud, bumps, groomed...they ripped. I ended up buying the Blackeyes instead because they were quicker edge to edge and a bit better in the bumps and that is what I was looking for. I love these skis. I could have bought the Crimson's and been very happy also. Did I mention that I love these skis? 45 years old, 5'11", 185 lbs and been skiing since 1970. Man I love these skis!
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Skied the blackeye's, crimson's & im82's, bought the im82's. I preferred the power of the im82's for ripping through the chop. I also liked the blackeye over the crimson, much quicker w/o giving up any of the performance. The crimson felt too sluggish (probably because of wider waist) in comparison.
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