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FS: 06/07 Volkl Karma (185) and 04/05 K2 Public Enemy (179)

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i just wanted to start off by acknowledging the fact that i have a low post count. i am a long-time observer, not-often poster in these forums, so i know that always raises a few questions when it comes to selling/buying stuff. but rest assured bears, i have a solution. if a forum moderator or any VERY high post-count bear would PLEASE serve as a middle-man, i'm sure we can all work this out with no drama. more specifically, once i reach a deal with a buyer, i will have him send a check (made payable to ME) in the mail to the trusted middle-man. next, the middle-man will notify me that he has my payment waiting. i will then ship the goods to the buyer, who, upon receiving the skis, will notify the middle-man that he can finally mail me my check. and on the OFF chance that you are local, well then we'll just meet up and do it old-school: face-to-face to save on worries and shipping. SOUND GOOD? ANY QUESTIONS? ok.

the background on these is a bit interesting. in early january, i had these skis stolen from my apartment, along with a few others. needless-to-say, i was pissed out of my mind and obsessed over it non-stop. there were no leads, and, eager to continue my ski season, i quickly and begrudgingly bought some replacement skis. well, two weeks later, i saw one pair that i was DEAD certain was mine posted on ebay by a local seller. well, i contacted the police, and they said there wasn't much they could do, but if i won the auction and if he agreed to arrange a local pick-up, then they could go with me. so that's what happened. the guy more-or-less said he was selling them for a friend of a friend (against which there is no crime, and i could not prove was untrue), so he didn't get in trouble, but he gladly agreed to give me back all my skis (all three pairs that i owned and the one pair that i just bought for my gf). anyways, i got all my stuff back, so it's a happy ending. but i spent a lot of money on gear that i used before i got the stolen skis back. SO, now i am selling these because i have too many and would rather have the cash.

so on to the skis (pics still to come):

1) 06/07 volkl karmas (185)- $325+shipping. these are the last model year version of these skis. they have been skied approximately 10 days and have been mounted once at the freeride line with rossi axial2's for a 317mm bsl (bindings not for sale). the topsheets have virtually no markings other than a few totally insignificant dings, so i would give them an "A" letter-grade. the bases have some minor grooves, but absolutely NO core shots, and with a base-grind, these would look just about NEW. letter-grade for the bases would be "A-" as-is and a solid "A" after a base-grind. the edges are also in excellent condition, and have been hand-tuned with SVST (the good ****) tools to a 1* base and 3* side bevel. there is some black sharpie on the sidewall where i got a little bit sloppy marking the edges when i first tuned them, and some very light corrosion on the edges from the theif storing these skis outside. a quick run with a diamond stone would have these good as new, so the overall letter-grade for the edges is "A-". they have all the original camber (which is a LOT) and there is plenty of edge left, so these are simply going to hold up great for a long time to come.

2) 04/05 k2 pe's (179)- $125+shipping. these are the last model year skis that the pe came in an 80mm waist, and they have the black and gold graphics. they have been skied about 40 days and show cosmetic wear, but these skis are seriously BULLET-PROOF. they have been mounted twice with rossi axial 140 bindings for a 317mm bsl (will consider selling the bindings for a total price of $200+shipping); once in the dead-middle of the factory suggested mounting scale, and currently at core center (these got bumped to park status when i got the karmas). the topsheets have the classic k2 sidewall-construction chunking all along the edges, but as everyone already knows, this is PURELY cosmetic. also, the center rivet popped out of the tip on one pair, but once again, this will not affect the ski's performance at all. given these details, i would give the topsheets a "B-" letter-grade if you are expecting to get a ski that is pretty to look at and a "B" letter grade if you have any knowledge of the public enemy and know that the cosmetic damage is easily inflicted, but changes nothing about the ski's durability or performance. the bases. oh my. these things wear like IRON. they have some light grooves and some ground in dirt (shows up easily on the white base), but they would be FLAWLESS with a base-grind, so they get an "B+" as-is and a solid "A" with a trip through the grinder. now, as my park skis, these did not get the loving-edge treatment that i gave the karmas, so they are definitely in need of a tune. and just like with the karmas, the theif left them outside for a while, so there is some light corrosion. but in both cases, a few passes with a file would fix all. so due to the fact that the edges are absolutely BOMBER but need a quick tune, the overall letter grade for the edges is "A-". their is a good amount of the original camber left and tons of edge material, so once again, these will get you through MANY more days of use (honestly, of the nearly two-dozen skis that me and my family have owned over the years, these are the most amazingly durable of ALL. they have survived virtually unscathed from blows that just leave me scratching my head).

if you have any questions, just shoot me a PM. i may not have much history as a bear, but i want you guys to be as comoftable dealing with me as possible.

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Now Accepting Trades

i will also consider trading (with $$$ to make up for any imbalances) the pe's for a 160-170cm ski with an 90-100mm waist in good condition. tryin to set my little sis up with some decent powder skis
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any trades? commooon....
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Pics Now Uploaded!

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Karmas On Hold

gonna put the karmas on hold while a deal is pending.

PLEASE, make me some trade offers for the pe's. once again, i'm looking for some decent pow skis in good shape for my little sister. 160-170cm and high 80's to low 100's waist. am willing to wheel-and-deal with the bindings (the late and great rossi 140 axial turn-tables) and some $$$ to make this deal go through.
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I wouldn't expect much from the PEs. They look pretty shot. FYI I bought a new pair 06-07 model for $150.
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Originally Posted by ut_hucker View Post
I wouldn't expect much from the PEs. They look pretty shot. FYI I bought a new pair 06-07 model for $150.
yeah, i hear ya. as for "pretty shot," they just have the topsheet chipping which i dare you to find me a pe that DOESN'T have that. but back to the point. i am really hoping more for a trade offer now than $$$ for the pe's.
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Karmas Sold!

yup, the karmas are gone. the pe's are still for sale. but i would REALLY rather just find a good trade for some decent powder skis for a very good teenage-girl skier
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