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New Skier

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I am new to the board looking for help on a good first ski.

I have only been skiing twice, but I love it and am already going down black diamonds occasionally (although probably not with the best form) I am already tired of renting skis and am looking for some advice on a ski that I will be able to advance with for at leat 3-4 years.

I am 25, 6'0", 250 and fairly athletic. When I rent they put me on 160's because I am a beginer. I live in Michigan, so 95% of my skiing is going to be on the frontside on groomed runs.

When I visited the local ski shop they suggested 174 apache rangers (but that may be because thats what they had in stock). i was considering 167 beacause they might be a little easier to control.

I appreciate any info you could give me
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Welcome to epic! Hope you enjoy this place

What kind of skis have you skied on that you liked and dis-liked?
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