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Salomon binding types

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I'm getting a new pair of skis soon, and will need bindings for them. I'm quite fond of my Salomons, but they're many seasons old and the company has a bunch of different kinds of performance binding now. Could someone post a comparison of the types? I'm most interested in the 914, STH 12 and Z series.
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There's no point in someone writing a thesis. It'd be better if you just described yourself & the kinds of skiing you expect to do. The short version though is that the Z12 and STH12 are fine bindings for the vast majority of skiers. The Z for lighter or less aggressive skiers and the STH for heavier or more aggressive skiers. If you really needed to go higher - like say the STH 16, odds are you'd likely know everything you need to know already...
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I'm an aggressive off-piste skier, but I'm small and try to be more finesse than strength oriented - 5'8", 145ish. When I found myself at Baker in agreeable conditions I had the most fun with Gabl's, the bowls and tree runs looker's left of Chair 6 (Sticky Wicket?) and the chute under Chair 1. I have my DINs at 7 and 9 toe and heel on my current off-piste skis. These will be going on a pair of K2 Public Enemy 174s that I'm getting as a replacement for a pair I broke. Since the pair I bought immediately after breaking them are stiffer and fatter (Mantras) and I have a pair of carving skis in the quiver as well, I expect to use this pair for skiing off-piste and moguls when things are packed and rutted to the point that I prefer the bounce and agility of the PEs over the float and stiffness of the Mantras. I do the occasional drop or kicker, but I don't expect to spend significant time in the park. I don't think that I'm likely to break a lighter binding, so I'm most concerned with differences in the release directions and type and amount of elastic travel. I also think I want to move up to at least a 4-12 binding so if I get fat or start working out again I'll have some space to move up the DIN.
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