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Looking into Getting my Own Gear

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Hey all - this is my first post :

I was doing a bit of the Google thing and came across this ski forum. I figured since I couldn't find out what I need without asking someone, I might as well ask the Pro's, hence the 'Ask the Pro's' discussion. And since our local ski bum doesn't really carry a great selection skiis to try and the guy who works there is a , I'm asking here.

I started skiing about 5 years ago, skiing maybe once a year. This year though, I've wanted to pursue becoming a very good skier and have gone out about 6 times thus far, and plan to go twice over Presidents day weekend. What I am hear to ask is that since I do not have my own gear, I've nearly spent roughly $200... Which is why I say I should dive into investing in my own gear. Some of you say it might be too early, but having my own pair of skiis would encourage me to go out more, specifically with my buds who go out after school some days.

Hear are the answers to the questions that are needed:
  • age -16 (height 6" weight 155lbs)
  • ability level (if you know) - Intermediate
  • number of years skiing - On/off 5 years, particularly starting this year
  • gear - none
  • lessons taken - from my father
  • most frequently skied terrain (green, blue, black, bumps, trees, etc) - all mountain. (East coast)
  • average number of days skied per year - this year most likely will be 12 - 16
What I am looking for:
A decent all mountain ski that is not killer on the cash (~$250-350 with bindings if possible). I like both the park and going off jumps but also I like to carve, or atleast do my best. Length ranging for 160-164cm, seems to be my sweet spot.

thanks for your help
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Welcome to EpicSki!

My own suggestion would be to first invest in a pair of good ski boots and the necessary boot fitting to get them properly aligned and comfortable. Regardless what skis you choose you'll operate them better with better boots & better fit.

Once you have the boots I'd suggest looking into a Demo package at a local ski area's rental shop or perhaps a Demo-Day put on by a local ski shop. This way you'd get to try an assortment of high quality skis.

if you do the demo package thru a shop, many shops will offer a discount on any skis you buy from them based on how many demo-dollars you spent with them.

There is a Gear forum on EpicSki where you'll find all manner of ski info. Also consider looking for a consignment shop and maybe picking up a used pair of high-end skis. Deals abound this time of the season as most shops want to move gear before the season ends.

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Yes, on the ski boots part. I've already made plans to go out and get a quality pair for myself in the near future. Now I'm just looking for opinions and suggestions by more people about what type of skis i should be looking at for the type of skier i am.
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TKeesling, welcome to EpicSki!

I'd like to echo michaelA's comments, especially in terms of getting your boots fit to your entire body (and not only your feet). This requires a real specialist (see some of the guys in Ask the Boot Guys and the Bootfitters list), not just a guy who works at a ski shop. There aren't a lot around. Depending on where you are on the east coast, you can get recommendations for specific guys, and they may even post here.

That said, feel free to ask this question in the more open Gear Discussion forum. There you'll get all manner of responses from gear heads that will give you a number of things to think about.

Depending on the balance of park/pipe to freeskiing, you'll have a different set of answers to your questions. One ski definitely worth a look is the new Hart, and our own Philpug is the East Coast rep.
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