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Watea 78 vs Sugar Mama

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Sierra Jim sold me some wonderful Sugar Daddy skis a couple of years ago and i totally love them and now I'm looking for something to complement them and replace older Dynastar skicross 9s in a 163. (5'4" 115 lbs woman) He has been very helpful in narrowing my choices and advising this process.

NOMAD skis i demoed at Taos (all in a 157 length): Sugar Mama, Blackeye and HighNoon. Didn't like the HighNoon; found it skiddery in the variable snow. Blackeye was great everywhere except the bumps and i like to ski bumps. Sugar Mama was very forgiving, but seemed not to like to go as fast as the Blackeye and i felt like i had to sit back to get the Sugar Mamas to perform, which was annoying.

Tried the Fischer Watea 78s in a 159 length this weekend. They seemed like a decent compromise between the blackeye and sugar mama.

SierraJim had suggested i try the Sugar Mama again with the binding mounted in a more unisex position to see if it dealt with that sit back sensation. Unfortunately, the place where i demo sold the 157 length and i thought the 164 would be too long.

The Wateas were almost as easy in the bumps as the SMs and almost as stable and smooth in long turns like the BEs and a bit heavier and not quite as precise as either Atomic.

Also, the Watea line is rated for a lower level skier than the BE or the SM. I thought the Sugar Mama was actually the most forgiving of the three and the least speedy. But maybe that had something to do with the women's specific mounting position. Or maybe the ratings for a woman's ski are less demanding. However, I would hate to buy the Wateas and then find I outgrew them, so to speak.

Sierra Jim does not sell the Watea 78s but has the SugarMama's for sale at a good price. I can buy the Wateas i demoed (unfortunately with the demo binding) at 30% off plus my demo fees deducted locally, so the price is a wash. And, i feel a certain obligation to both SierraJim for all his advice and the good service on the Sugar Daddies and to the local shop for their good service with the many demos and other help over the years.

Would i be making a mistake with the Wateas? Should i wait until i can find someplace to demo the SMs with the binding back, which likely won't be until the end of Feb.? Or is that not likely to make a real difference?

What's a gal to do?
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Get both of them. One set for being mom and the other set for valentine's day.
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Go for the Watea's, their performance level is pretty high. You might consider the Fischer Vision Zeal (wms specific ski).

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Or you could just get the Watea 84's - I think Sierra Jim sells those.
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Thanks for the input. The 84s would be sweet, but i already have the sugar daddy in 90+, so looking for something more different than that.
MJB, you might have an idea, hehe.
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Also look at the Dynastar Exclusive Legend. My wife loves them in 158 as a complement to her 160 Phat Luvs (95mm waist).
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Funny. i skied them last year and didn't like them. didn't like the phat luvs as much as the sugar daddies either. so i guess it's just a flavor thing. But thank you for the suggestion.
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Decided to go for the Watea. Happy Valentines Day!
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