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Mt Baker Warmup?

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I had planned on visiting my friend (who works for the WDOT) in Maple Falls this weekend and skiing Baker for a few days-he told me to skip it because they expected the snow levels to rise to 6K ft with rain this week-I had really looked forward to skiing Baker again-but am thinking of rescheduling-arggg
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Depending on what you're looking to ski on, it might not be so bad. If you're expecting Colorado style snow, you're a week late. But since it sounds like you've skied Baker before you might not find it awful. I check the WSDOT web site for general weather in the long range, and it doesn't look all that bad for the weekend. Right now they're calling for the snow level to rise to 4000 ft on Friday and then drop to 1500 feet by Friday night. It will stay lower for a couple of days. I've seen some forecasts that say Sunday will be beautiful and clear (not WSDOT, however).

I don't see anyone talking 6000 ft in the N. Cascades. Olympics and S. Cascades, yes. Here are a couple of sites to check out:

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