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Im going to be going to college in colorado next year and want to change my quiver up a little bit.

I really like what people say here ad on TGR about the line prophet 100. I found a decent deal on a pair of 07-08s (179cm) but im not sure if they'll be too long for me.

I'm 5'7" and weigh around 170lbs. I would consider myself a very good skier here in the east. I can basically ski anything other than cliffs (hopefully that will come soon).

So do you think i can handle the 179 prophet (maybe mount it at +2)
and is the prophet a good 1 ski quiver for colorado since i dont want to be lugging skis back and forth as a student. I want to feel confident on one ski in all different conditions. Also what binding do you reccommend, any comments on the jester?

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any feedback, I kind of have to get back to my buddy soon whos selling them
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i'm 5'8 and looking into the prophet 100 also and i don't know 172 or 179
i'm an ec skier and i'm not moving out west anytime soon, so i'm thinking about 172
i'd say go with the 179 if you're moving to co because there's actually powder out there and if you're entering into cliffs it's nice to have a little more tip to pull you out when you land a little far forward
i'm guessing it still turns the same because the radius is similar and it's not that huge a difference, you may just feel it a bit in the trees
i'm skiing the prophet 90 this year and i love it, it's the ski i'd choose for a 1 ski quiver for the ec skier who goes out west occasionally, aside from the 100 because my only complaint about the 90 is that it needs a little more underfoot
from my experience on the 90 it skis pretty short, but other people may think differently, so you should probably get the 179 especially if it's cheaper
i ski the 90 with the duke and i love it and i don't know much about the jester
but don't take my advice, i've never skied the 100 and i don't live in co
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