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K2 Recon with Binding

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Hi Guys, I looked but could not find an answer. I bought the k2 recons at the beginning of the year on line. Love them to death. I did not know there was a choice without the bindings. Spoke to the guy at the shop if there were any other choices for bindings. He said yea... Marker 12.0 pistons. No **** i thought. Same thing I have on there. Just curious why k2 would make a ski this way. Also can I remove the lifter plate ? My friend has the apache recons with the solomons and they are so much lighter. I feel my skis are heavy in the hand but light on the foot. Would the benefit of taking of the riser plate off be worth performance loss if any. First time in all my years of skiing I had the riser plate with a binding. Just wanted to know what options I had.

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There are two versions of most of the K2 Apache series: one with the integrated Marker binding, and a flat version. If your came with the Markers, they're likely the integrated version (which has a somewhat proprietary mounting track built into the ski). Your friend has the flat version.

I've tried both, and they're fairly much a wash. The only extra tuning you could do with the flat version is tune the stack height.

The Recons are fun skis in all but the extreme hardpack and ice - nice boards. Good luck!
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Thanks songfta, I love the skis and they have been pretty good everywhere so far. So I guess I cannot remove the plate between the bindings ? Just looking to drop some weight if possible.
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On the Recons with the integrated system, it's not possible to remove the plate and still mount a binding. And the weight savings you'd get from a flat version, adding back in the same amount of lift, would be negligible.
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