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Bretton Woods 2/10/08

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With all the snow over the last week in Northern New England, decided I needed to head North for a day on the slopes. Would have loved to have skied Friday, but work and home life got in the way until Sunday.

With a cold front heading East bringing fresh snow, but also high winds and icy temps, the forecast looked more promising in NH than in VT for Sunday during the day. Had my younger son and my neighbor and his 2 boys along for the ride, so we were looking for mostly intermediate terrain with a few short runs on the blacks ... Bretton Woods was the perfect choice.

Left Saturday night after supper and drove through the snow to Lincoln, NH where we grabbed a motel room with a wake up call for 6:00. Sunday morning brought 3-4" of fresh snow on the ground and sunny skies above. Made it to BW about 7:30 and parked in the 1st row ... where is everybody??

On to the lift at 8:00 to find buttery soft groomers with 6"+ of fresh on the sides of the trails. 1st 3 runs of the day finds everyone in our group grinning from ear to ear. We're skiing top-to-bottom with no one in the lift lines ... where is everybody??

Over to West Mountain to find soft, fluffy bumps covering Agassiz and plenty of snow in the glades. We're skiing under sunny blue skies with temps in the upper 20's and conditions are awesome ... but still no lift lines!?!

Bio-break about 10:30 and I picked up a pair of Elan 888's from the demo center to try out in the soft stuff (nice! ). Back on the lifts (still no lines) and up to the summit to find what limited steeps there are at BW. Soft bumps on Short & Sweet, firm on Bode's Run (but quite edgeable) and a trip down Black Forest Glade with the boys in tow.

Started snowing around lunch time when we saw our 1st wait in the lift lines (all of 3 minutes). Broke for lunch and back out for some groomer runs as younger legs were getting tired. Around 2:30 the kids had tuckered out, so we tucked them into the lodge and I headed out for a couple of last runs. Last run of the day, the cold front arrived with a vengeance. I was about 2/3 down a run when the trail suddenly and completely disappeared in white out conditions.

Overall, one FANTASTIC day of skiing. Trails were in great shape, weather cooperated and mid-week crowds on a Sunday ... couldn't ask for better. When I dropped the demos, the tech said that a lot of people left Sat night or early Sunday because of the weather .. OK, the ride down 93 through Franconia Notch sucked in near white out conditions, but still well worth the pain for a great day on the slopes.

BW reports another 5" from yesterday's storm with flurries throughout the day today. Conditions should be great in Northern New England for the February break!!
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Well, we were going to hook up at Berkshire East and could've hooked up at BW. We'd been intending a weekend in Northern NH with at least one day at BW. The snow last week encouraged us to make a last minute decisions to head up Saturday morning. Got on the slopes about 10:40 or so on Saturday and skied till they wouldn't let us on the lifts anymore. Conditions on Saturday were generally very good, liftlines were generally not very long, even at the the main lift (man that thing stops a lot). We headed up to the East side of the mountain, down Zealand and down Deception Bowl with very nice snow. Did a run or two down Bode's which had some good old Eastern boilerplate. Tried the bumps on the lower part of Snake a couple of times (boy do I such in bumps) then ventured West. Did a couple of runs down Wambeck and then hit the blues off the Zepher lift -- trail of the day had to be Coos Caper. Got on the lift about 8:15 Sunday and with a little fresh snow conditions were outstanding. Sunny, bluebird in the morning then snow. Don't recall hitting any significant boilerplate all day. Tried a glade that had lots of soft bumps -- really good snow. My take was I could have fun playing in the soft bumps in the glades but not if I have to worry about dodging trees. That said, the glade were were in had great snow. Yep, it's pretty flat. The blacks are relatively short and certainly wouldn't rate black at many resorts. But conditions were terrific, crowds were not an issue (especially on Sunday) and we had a great weekend. Drive home took quite some time, but woth it. Sorry we missed you.
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I might have been up for that too.....

Unlike many chest thumpers who tout their bravado on the www and make fun of the place....I like Bretton Woods....esp when nobody is there. Open 'er up yes sir...good times.

Sorry about that.

MRG it ain't but I'll catch that next week hopefully...off to the MRV with the hrstrat57 crew in tow. Saved the bucks and stayed of the early season frozen granular...looks like it is going to pay off big time.

Cruizin' is fun, esp in the conditions you describe...the blue squares over on the left side of the mtn Coos Caper etc...those are great classic trails.

Keep me in mind next time....I might tag along....

This is the year I have money left in April!

Let's plan it and go!!
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Originally Posted by RISkier View Post
Well, we were going to hook up at Berkshire East and could've hooked up at BW. We'd been intending a weekend in Northern NH with at least one day at BW. The snow last week encouraged us to make a last minute decisions to head up Saturday morning.
Dang! Shoulda made a call ... would have been nice to hook up for a few runs on Sunday.

Agree with hrstrat57 ... BW ain't Stowe, but for classic NE intermediate cruisers you can't beat it ... Granny's Grit, Coos Caper and Herb's Secret are my favorite trails on the mountain. Just sweet, narrow cruisers that are ton's of fun. Intermediate bumps and glades allow everyone to join in the fun. Great family mountain.

Originally Posted by RISkier View Post
Sorry we missed you.
Likewise .. but lot's of skiing left in the season. We'll have to plot a gathering!!
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Ditto to everything RISkier said. He didn't mention our luck in dogding all of the 15 accidents that happened on a 20 mile stretch of highway in southern RI Sunday night....

Those blues at Bretton are very amenable to high speed cruising when there is neither ice nor people on them. What fun!
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