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Some clarifications... maybe

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I was racing an east coast race over the weekend and it happened that the family that was housing me was also housing the TD of the race which is a friend of mine and one of the top technical advisor to the FIS and TDs WC and NorAm races and so on.

Thinking of the recent discussions about fullface helmets, safety and so on I asked a couple of questions.

Fullface helmets: the rules state that athletes must wear a SKI SPECIFIC helmet for competition in GS, SG and DH. Fullface helmets as per an agreement with manufacturers are certified for FREESTYLE and SNOWBOARD only. The reason behind that is not only the danger of catching (in the fence not in the snow according to him) but also to lower the impact and reduce teh neck kink.

Safety (Scott Macartney and ect) : The biggest problem they have is athletes modifying their helmets for some reason, or wear a smaller, less protective helmet for a reason or another. Heavier, bulkier helmets have been rejected because of the kinetic forces exerced in a ski race are different than anything else and the articular positions and alignment of the body is submited to forces that are different than anything else.

Finally. Luc Alphand once said, "Formula one cars go three times as fast as I go and its one of the safest motorsports out there, but if you gave me the choice, I would rather go 130 on the Hahnenkamm than 300 at Hockenheim

We talked about more but its not really relevent, ask if you want, I took notes for my Kinesiology class.

2007 Aspen DH, Svindal and etc..
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Hey now... try not to confuse people with facts around here.

Thanks for the clarification.
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Next thing you know, people will even begin skiing more than two days a year around here -- and that's just plain crazy-talk.:

Thanks for an informed post.
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