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Quebec bound ???

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I will be in Quebec on business during the last week of February. As I will have a couple of days between meetings, etc. to kill I was wondering if any of the Bears can make a few recommendations?
Which mountain(s) should I ski at?
Who has good rental equipment either on or off the mountain? I always travel with my boots, but I'll need skis and poles. I don't mind spending the money to rent good equipment that is maintained. If anyone has details on what brands and models they have, that would be even better.
What about dining in Quebec? Another thing that I don't mind spending money on. Especially if I can put it on my expense account. As a carnivore I'm always looking for a good steak and good bottle of red to go with it.
Thanks to all who help me out, as well as to everyone whose posts I've read.


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Quebec the city or Quebec the province? If it's around "Quebec City" your best ski bets are Mt Ste Anne or a little further away Le Massif
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If you're in Montreal the best ski hills within 90 minutes are Tremblant, Bromont Orford, Sutton and Owl's Head.

Sutton gets the most snow and has lots of great glades. Orford and Owl's Head are pretty similar, IMO. Orford has more runs but
Owl's Head is cheaper, less crowded and has amazing views of Lake Memphramagog. On Tuesday's and Wednesday's tickets at OH are only $15. Bromont has a million runs now, but it also gets really crowded. You can go night skiing there though, and it's only 45 minutes from downtown Montreal. Tremblant you probably already know about. Personally I'm not a fan. Most of the mountain is pretty flat and the crowds can get pretty ridiculous.

If you're in Quebec City, spend one day at Mont Ste Anne and the other at Le Massif. They're the two best ski hills in Quebec. Le Massif has longer runs and skis big for an eastern ski hill while Ste Anne is more challenging. Both are under 45 minutes from Quebec City.
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I should have said Quebec City. I was thinking of both Le Massif and Mont Ste Anne. What about gear rentals in the area?
And equally important, what about good food and wine? Man does not live on skiing alone.
Thanks again everyone.

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I know a few skiers in that area. You might want to check out the chat line at Right friendly folks.
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Rental info at Le Massif:


I think the focus at Le Massif is Rossignol; at MSA, Head. Info and phone #'s at those websites.

FWIW there is a bus for transport from the Chateau Frontenac (central location hotel in old city Quebec) to MSA:

Alex - How do you get to Le Massif in 45 minutes from Quebec City? Two years ago it took me 45 to MSA, and another 15 honestly (total 60 min) to Le Massif. Would be very interested in any shortcuts.
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I guess the drive is 45-60 minutes depending on road conditions.

If you speak French, you can go to It's the best site for Quebec skiing.
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I cast a strong vote for Le Massif. I spent a week there and we all had a wonderful time. It is the local's mountain. As such it does not have the apres activities that you are likely to find at Mt St Anne. Probably cheaper as well. We rented a beautiful chalet in a development about 20 min away, complete with shuttle service to the hill - was about $120 per night, but that is when the exchange was more favorable.
As for food, one of the best meals I ever had was at a resturaunt called Le Camarine - near Mt Ste Anne ( That was 20 years ago, and I still savor the memory. Bon appatite et bon voyage.
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+1 Le Massif

Le Massif is a unique skiing experience. Big vertical, especially for the East, with big fall line skiing. Good steeps. The views to the St. Lawrence are spectacular. If there's good snow, you will have a GREAT experience.

Mont Ste Anne is a great area too, especially off the back-side of the mountain. But it can get crowded, since it's closer to Quebec City. It kind of reminds me of Stratton or Mount Snow in Vermont.

Quebec City is one of the best cities in North America. I love going there. You'll have a great time.

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Mt. Poutine

Definitely go to Mt. Poutine. It's 'tasty' and 'heart stopping', although coverage is sometimes a bit sticky with a strange orange color.
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Originally Posted by exracer View Post
Definitely go to Mt. Poutine. It's 'tasty' and 'heart stopping', although coverage is sometimes a bit sticky with a strange orange color.
I visited Mt Poutine when I was in Quebec during the summer a few years ago. My heart specialist has since warned me against trying to climb it. He says that I should just walk it in small amounts .

Thanks for all of the info guys.

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