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Aussies win gold !! - Page 2

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JohnH, great minds think alike!
I mean, any late 20s girl from Melbourne qualifies in my books!

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Gentlemen, what on earth makes you think you'd qualify in theirs?
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What makes you think <font size="5">I</font> wouldn't?

In the words of Captain Sensible (OK, another one by R&H):
"Talk about the boy saying to the girl
Golly, baby, I'm a lucky cuss
Talk about the girl saying to the boy
You an' me is lucky to be us
Happy talk, keep talking happy talk
Talk about things you like to do
You got to have a dream, if you don't have a dream
How you come not have a dream come true?
If you don't talk happy, and you never have dream
Then you'll never have a dream come true!"


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Fox, you drinking again?
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I have to agree with Alta Skier. Alisa is not only a gracious champion, but will be a media "darling" downunder.

It Looks like Australia will have to have two special edition stamps of its gold medal winners, or one stamp with with Alisa and Steven Bradbury. Now that's an interesting couple !

Anyway, the way he won his is just so typical of how things can happen, especially for the Aussies. Ok so he was an opportunist, but he paid his dues of 10 years of training and injuries, and other competitive crashes which included some serious injuries.

Alisa didn't want her family to come and watch her compete, but they did anyway, quietly, and didn't reveal themselves until to her after the she won the gold. Apparently her sister and mother hid behind an Australian flag whenever they thought they might be discovered.

The Olympics they are sooooooo...special. You get all these competitors who do personal bests, for maybe only this one time in their life, and they score a medal. It is just so amazing.

How about the US Female Bob team, US #2, they won, not sled #1. A black female the first ever African Aemrican maybe the first black ever to win an Olympci medal...The guys from Jamaica will just ahve to kick it up a few more notches.

If everything else goes smoothly, these 19th. Winter Olympic Games will go down as one of greatest, if not the greatest winter games of all time, and perhaps this century. Well they are already by default. So make it since the Olympics restarted post WWII.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by matt_davis:
Alisa the piglet of women's arials!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Outside mate.

Oz :
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Oz, you hold him down, I'll kneecap him.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by man from oz:

Outside mate.

Oz :
I am obviously a big fan as I posted not 1 but 3 photos of her.
The piglet reference is to her size. the book, The Te of Piglet....TE meaning: Virtue of the Small...(Being piglet) has a number of morals the most glaring is that some times its the little one that does big things.
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Sorry, Matt,
I don't think Oz or myself were in Pooh mode, to pick up your Milne reference.

To prove you meant no harm, could you post another photo of her?


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Thanks Jane, and yes, you still qualify, even after this weekend!

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phew, I was getting worried about that. Thank you so much Mr Fox for putting my mind at ease. Its one thing knowing that we won't be enjoying so many of your witty posts in the future....but to find myself no longer making the qualifying round, well that my friend would have just pushed me over the edge.
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Oh Meow...
...Saucer of milk for table 5...

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ohhhh Mr Fox, you really now how to make me purrrrrrr
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Quote from Wear the fox hat?

Riccardo, I notice you didn't mention the Aussies being beaten by the English cricket team. (I wonder why???!!!)

maybe it is because they have not played them!! Still the English are currently getting beaten at home in New Zealand.
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Ric, you're right, I'm an idiot!


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