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Boot foaming video

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I just got my new Strolz custom boots and foam liners : I made a quick video of the final foaming processes for reference. If your in the NW and need a great boot fitter check out Don aka Strolz_Boot_Guy he did a great job explaining every step of the process and was very diligent to make sure we got a good fit.


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Welcome to EpicSki bndfishing!

That is a very well produced video and its great to hear you had a good experience with one of the Boot Guys here at Epic. I'll stick your thread for a while so it gets some additional views and comments from some of the boot fitters. Foam injection is just one approach of many used successfully to get a custom fit. It looks like you got footbeds and a lot of professional attention.
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Thank for making this sticky.

I just want to clarify a few additional things, the video didn't show. I was lucky and found my boot fitter just 3 miles from my home! The whole process was done in 3 visits due to my schedule. We did an initial consultation and evaluation of my current equipment. The second visit we made the foot bed and prepared the shell with some modifications, The last visit (when I finally decided to bring a camera) we foamed and finished the fitting. I wore the boots around the house for about an hour tonight and my feet never hurt. I can't believe I will be able to ski more than 1 run with out pain.
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