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I'm gonna make this short; it's just a lead-in to the short video anyway. About a meter of snow fell in Valchiavenna between last Saturday night and midweek. Lots of wind blew in the interim, though, and to see most of the offpiste, you'd think no new snow had come down at all. I'm hearing there's been a severe wind effect across the Central and Western Alps.

Marco and I are both pretty bummed we won't be returning to Interior BC this season, so we're trying to score as many local freshies as we can.

Saturday morning, I spotted this little copse from my balcony using binoculars. The Skiarea Valchiavenna doesn't have a lot of tree cover, and the skiing offpiste was mostly mixed all weekend. Some hard, supportive crust, some windblown powder and some hardpack. But this little area, about a ten-minute hike above one of the lower lifts, seemed to have escaped the wind. Marco, Luca (camera sucker) and I lapped it all morning (and man are my legs tired).

This is in Eurozone too, but what the hey. Enjoy.