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Icy goggles

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At my local mountain, I am often skiing when they are making snow, but when I ski through the snow at a decent speed, the ice crystals just stick to my goggles seriously impairing my vision. I then either have to proceed cautiously to the bottom or find a spot and try to melt the ice since I cant just scrape it off. Does anyone have a solution or know of a product to fix this?

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Don't ski under the snow guns.
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Skigee; Rain X not worth it IMO.

Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post
Don't ski under the snow guns.
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Use your hand to shield your goggles when you ski under or near a snow gun. If you do get ice, a good trick is to stick your goggles inside your jacket up the chair to melt it.
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I have tried putting up my hand, but usually end up getting way off balance as there are snow guns every 75ft or so and the snow goes from icy hard pack to a few inches of powder under each gun. I have tried to wipe it off, but some source of heat is needed to melt it.

Currently I just try to warm up the lens enough to wipe off the ice by blowing some warm air on them. It works, but is a pain as I have to stop skiing, take off the goggles, blow on them, wipe off the ice, and try to put them back on over my helmet without twisting the strap.
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You may want to invest in a pair of gloves that have a squeegee so you can wipe quickly on the go if this is a persistent problem for you. Rain-X will not keep the ice off, but it will make it much easier to wipe off with less residual mess.
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The only trick I've found that helps is to keep a hand warmer 'handy' to wipe across the lens to melt the ice.
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I'm going to go with the obvious "don't ski under the snow guns" suggestion.
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I'll have to try the hand warmers.

The only way I can get away without skiing under the snow guns is to cut my season down from 40 ski days to 10. Since I can only go in the evenings the snow guns are usually on and spray snow the entire width of the trails.
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