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Colorado Ski Outlet?

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Hi folks
Has anyone purchased through:
Colorado Ski Outlet
1160 Westfield St West Springfield , Massachusetts, 01089
United States of America

they seem to have good prices but I get a bit leary when the name is Colorado and the location is Massachusetts.

any experience or thoughts?
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I've purchased a few things there over the past four years. No probs, reliable. Friend had some issues last year about slow shipping, but I never have.
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I tried to purchase my wifes skis late last year there. Ordered off the website and got a call within a couple of hours saying that they just sold their last pair and didn't have any more. The guy even tried to call the manufacturer to see if he could get a pair, but they were out too. Another dealer confirmed the same thing, so it wasn't a line.

I too was weary at first with a place in Massachusetts with the name Colorado, but being in MA, I figured it was worth it since I could drive there if there was a problem.

Bottom line, I would purchase from there. Service was good even and responsive.
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I've used them. Service was fine, no problems.
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+ whatever, in my experience.

They sold me some 8800's a couple of years ago, but didn't have the right color bindings (I didn't care), but they took the time and effort to get the right ones from Dynastar. I'd certainly deal with them again.
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I purchaed LP's From them

The price was not great but they had them.

Delivered Skis as advertised.

They are real.

For a discount Ski Store for internet orders I really like these guys

http://stores.ebay.com/Denver-Wholes...ftidZ2QQtZk m
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They're fine.
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Originally Posted by MTT View Post
The price was not great but they had them. For a discount Ski Store for internet orders I really like these guys
$399 for 05/06 Metrons with bindings? Yikes!
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I shop there often since the store is close to home. I know the owner personally & he is a good guy. He'll do what it takes to make you happy. I've never had a bad experience there.
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