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elan psx titanium

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I just got an Elan PSX Titanium from my aunt. Are they also called PSX TSi? Because I can't seem to find much about Titanium although there are some reviews on TSi.

I just wanna get some opinions on this ski.
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You'll have to look like, 8 seasons back.

I vaguely remember the ski as being kinda damp and unexciting on hero snow, reliable on ice and very well mannered in slush, so long as they were long enough. I was on ~188cm (190lbs), IIRC.
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ah. is hero snow like powder? I don't want to be too exciting anyways; I'm pretty conservative
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hero snow is the packed almost-groomed surface you get on big boulevard runs on perfect days, called hero snow because it makes everyone look superb.

I've never skied the PSX in powder, couldn't say one way or the other.

Do yours have perfectly black bases or do they have little specks in them?
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my bases are black, but there are some small gouges that i could get fixed or something. I didn't really get a good look at them because i have to get the bindings done and they're at the shop. I'll get back to you in a couple of hours when I go pick them up.

And I read some reviews and there are some that say they glide well in powder. I'm not too sure though because they look kinda thin.

By the way, just in case it's relevant, I am:
and my skis are 160cm
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They're solid black. What would specks mean?
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