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Keystone Cat Skiing

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I would appreciate any information on Cat skiing at Keystone, steepness, ect. I am an advanced intermediate skier, 52 and will be out there next week with the family and may need a diversion.

Thanks and Cheers!
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I posted some of this on another thread but I went on Feb 1st. For 200$ we got a lift to the top where we put on beacons and Salomon 1080's. We made a total of nine runs with a lunch in the middle of it all. The lunch was awsome. We had fresh powder from a foot to about two foot. The runs were on the shorter side and i didn't think it was that steep. Now my version of short and steep maybe different than yours. I'm from iowa so everything is steep. I don't know what level of skier I am but I ski double blacks and blacks so. I would recomend doing it. I also would recomend heading down to A-Basin.
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