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2008/2009 Boots

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Wanted thank all of the boot experts for taking time to help make this board great. I am possibly in the market for a new pair of boots. I was wondering if anyone here had the opportunity to go to the SIA show and can share with, might in store for boots next year 2008/2009 season. I have seen a bunch of stuff on skis, but not much on boots. Any thoughts or suggestions if it is worth waiting till next year.

I have very narrow foot and low volume lower leg. I can usually get my foot in to most race boots no problem. I recently tried on the Head Raptor 130 and it felt great (would need to soften it some). I would need a little bit of work but not much. Would be curious to hear what is out there that is similar or worth taking a look at.
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Lot's of new stuff, but why not just wait until 2009/2010 or even 2010/11?
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all the cool kids are waiting for the 2012 stuff I hear

not much in new race, lange has a new 92mm race boot (great if you have a foot like a pencil)
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Mate the RL12 is the most ugly shoe ever.
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