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Big Sky?

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Anyone around have Big Sky as their home mtn?
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for the last 18 seasons.

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BTW, Dr. Rick gives you for being an excellent coach.
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You should see her free ski. Keeping up is the primary challenge with that... :
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Originally Posted by Max_501 View Post
BTW, Dr. Rick gives you for being an excellent coach.
Yes, I do. Ursula isn't just a great skier and a fabulous teacher; she's a hoot to ski with: always smiling and having fun. She's contagious in that way, and one of the best reasons to go to ESA/Big Sky, imho.*

*I don't know yet if I can make it this year, but if I do go, I will hold my breath until I turn blue if I'm not made one of "Ursula's Roosters"
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If you come to Big Sky, we'll make you one of Ursula's roosters, Rick. Maybe Max will join you?
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Rick, who's arms do I have to twist to get you to Big Sky???? (Are you working too much?)
I would LOVE to take "my roosters" of the Peak. : The snow is phenomenal. (Marx was "wind groomed" today and the rocks were covered!)

Max, what are your plans? Will we see you here? Let me know if you have any questions.

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If I could figure out how to post video, I have a little piece of Ursula dancing with Marcia that I would like to blackmail, I mean, show Ursula.
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bob, depending on the size of the file, you can email it to me and I'll video host it on my youtube account, or on the Facebook Epic Page.
This could be fun!:
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 Can any of you folks tell me when the lifts usualy close in spring and hows the snow there this year? TY
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