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Where to buy??

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My current EMS jacket is becoming freyed at the cuffs and the zipper broke. It is several years old and rather than repair I will buy new. I went to the local ski shop (Pedigree) to look. They had three jackets I like, none in my size (they called other locations - all out).

Obermeyer Velocity in yellow (ouch) - $325.00
Descente Swiss - $510.00 Wow!!!!!!!!!!
Descente D310? Last years? - zip off sleeves - $200.00

I liked the Velocity, but yellow is a bit too bright. I see they come in yellow and red too. I liked the Descente alot, but I do not want to spend $500.00 on a ski jacket.

Does Karbon made a decent product?

Any suggestions where to buy on line? Sierra and Backcountry did not show this model.

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Karbon ranges from trash that leaks and is cold to good stuff at the upper end.

I've had good luck with bottom line Spyder (ski school issue) ... not as good as my personal Spyder upper line but way better than the trash ski school Karbon jackets that I gave away.
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Thanks Yuki. There's a guy here selling Karbons on the cheap...but I like the Obermeyer and Descente, just cant find where to buy that is honest and reliable (and has my size). I do not mind spending the $$, just do not want to be "taken."

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how about getting some more technical and higher quality clothing? Perhaps Arc'teryx, Helly Hansen?
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arc'teryx and cloudveil are hands down the best but pricy
look at the end of the season online and check sac a lot
if you look around online you'll always find something cheap
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I bought Obermeyer traction, and so far it has been great...The areas I have skied this year might have been around 10 below at thr worst..Plenty of pockets, hood.. 285.00. I bought off of Obermeyers site...At least give em a look..I have had lots of people say they like the way it looks
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