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Keystone cat skiing

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Has anyone tried the cat skiing at Keystone? I am heading out for a few days and did not know if it was worth the money. The terrain doesn't look that big, under 800 acres.
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It's easy enough to hike to most of the cat-served terrain, in my experience. If you're not properly acclimated to the elevation, and your timing is right, then the $5 charge per ride could be money well spent.

But you're right: it's not a ton of terrain that's served by the cats, and the run outs can be a bit annoying. However, some of the faces are a lot of fun, and the trees below have lovely pitch, while it lasts.
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I'll mimic what songfta said.
A few weeks ago we were at Keystone, and most of the group hiked to the area that the cat serves. There were some in our group who had not acclimated to the altitude, thus stayed on the groomers.
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Thanks. That's kind of what I thought too. How long is the hike?
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The hike off The Outback is anywhere from 0.5 to 1.5 miles, depending on what's open. After you crest an initial ridge, you can ski along about 1/3 mile of the ridge. Our group hiked/skied about 0.75 mile, and it took us about 15 minutes, all told.

The hiking on Independence is 1.0-1.5 miles. I've not tried this, but huke times may be a little longer due to the fact that there isn't a downhill section.
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cat skiing keystone

All right, let me just straighten this out. First off, Keystone has ~200$ cat skiing tours that are an all day type thing (disclaimer - never done it myself). They will take you out to Independence, Bergman, and Erickson bowls. All of these bowls are very short in pitch and only Indy and Erickson have any steepness to them. If your name is UT_hucker and your from Utah and like to huck stuff, than I think you will be severly disappointed both in snow quality and "huckiness". Bergman is very flat, Erickson faces directly south, and only Indy has any pitch and has good snow. BTW if you aren't on the cat tour, Indy is a long hike out, and you must hike out of the bowl using your own muscle once you've skied down. I met a snowboarder from virginia who learned the hard way when he couldn't find the $5 cat ride out of Indy bowl and had to hike the 1 mile, +1000 ft. vertical hike out.

Second, keystone has a cat shuttle - totally separate from the cat tour - that brings you up to the top of the outback bowls (north and south bowl) for $5 a ride. Both bowls are and easy a 5-15 minute hike depending on how far you decide to hike. If you're from sea-level this could be strenuous.

OK - so 2 separate Cats:
1. $5 cat shuttles to Outback bowls
2. ~$200 all day cat tours to Bergman, Erickson, and Indy bowls
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I went on Feb 1st. For 200$ we got a lift to the top where we put on beacons and Salomon 1080's. We made a total of nine runs with a lunch in the middle of it all. It was a very good lunch too. It was good snow about one foot maybe up to two foot of fresh powder. The tree skiing was great. Only complaint is, it's a little slow going because your waiting on other people in your group. The Cats are nice and heated. The guides are super nice very informative.
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I also agree with summitskier. "All of these bowls are very short in pitch and only Indy and Erickson have any steepness to them." I
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Yeah loco13, I heard the lunch is catered from Alpenglow Stube. That would be worth some of the $$ right there. After re-reading my post I don't really mean to sound down on Erickson and Bergman bowls - but Bergman really is pretty flat (ok if you're getting a cat ride but not really worth the hike), and Erickson you need to hit on a good snowday (like Feb 1st) since it gets baked by the sun.
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Just did the KAT skiing on Sunday. Pretty good stuff. Got 10 runs in with a good group of skiers. We had 1-2' powder in Independence Bowl. Not really steep, but a couple of good bowls and some really good tree skiing. Highly recommended.
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Some Pics

North Bowl is steeper but the South Bowl has better trees.
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