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Swix F4 solid

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I just bought this wax without too much thought hoping to use it as a universal wax that I would hot wax onto my skis using an iron. When it was time to wax I realized there was no recommended temp for the iron on the packaging. All other swix waxes i have used have always had a temp on the package. Does this mean that this wax cannot be ironed on like I am used to? If it can be ironed on then what temp should i set the iron on?

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Conventional old iron just use a setting just below wool. Or just dial your iron down a notch and see how the wax responds.
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Maintain a trail of wet wax 4-6 inches behind the iron. Too much and you are too hot; too little and you are too cold.
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thanks for the help
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PS if you are north of Erie Pa, I'd recommend brushing the living daylights out of it before you go out, I reckon that stuff loves to stick to cold snow ~20F (YMMV, but I doubt it)
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Swix F4 iron temp 140°C (285°F)

I got this from their "Performance" technical manual, "Fiberlene method."
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If you get smoke, turn down the iron. Viola.
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