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Dynastar question

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I have a buddy who wants to sell me some Dynas but I don't know what kind they are.
He bought them two years ago,paid about 6 bills with bindings; they are red, reasonably fat ( I am guessing 90mm) and have a grim reaper mounted on a horse at the tip of the topsheets.
Any idea what these are?
If so can anyone out there tell me anything about them?
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morning bump
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Only Dynastar I can think of with a reaper-like figure on horseback is the 2005 Phil Belanger Troublemaker Pro. But its not exactly red, nor is it 90mm wide.

Length 175, 112/78/102

Fun ski - I have the 165 (Phil Dion).

Someone else may come up with a better answer.
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76mmish waist, and the Phil sounds right, worth 200$ if they haven't seen a rail....and they have good bindings on them....
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