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sestriere dh spoiler

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Lindsey Vonn US

Kelly Vanderbeek CAN

Nadia Fanchini ITA

In other news ... Bode DNF'd the first SL run ..... Ligety was 7'th at Garmisch
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What is this? I don't get it
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There wasn't a Dane even on the board ....

How ya' like them apples?

Coupla Swenskas though ... :
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OH MY GOD! What is this!? -.- Is it just gibberish?
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Vonn used to be Kildow, if that helps.

Yuki is referring to alpine (skiing) World Cup results, a downhill event at Sestriere, Italy. North Americans Vonn and Vanderbeek spoiled it for Italy and Fanchini. "How do you like apples" is a reference to Switzerland's William Tell, I believe. Swenskis are probably Swedes? Don't worry, Grook. When Yuki's posts make sense to you, then it's time to worry.
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Hehe thanks for clearing that telerod, I was completely out of bounce ;D

Arnold Schwarzenegger AT

James Dean UK

Michael Jackson US

In other news... Jessica Alba SKJD'd the last lap... Biel was 2nd at Rostock
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I might add that was win #5 for Vonn and she took the overall WC lead.
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Stay tuned for the wether! :
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Stay tuned for the wether! :

A male sheep castrated before sexual maturity? You tune in to that often Yuki?
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Camels in the dessert - no milkyway..
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GrooK ....... ......... Yuki has a Norsk wife so I often visit the online version of Aftenposten.

The last few months have had any number of articles about Norwegian men visiting animal brothels in Denmark were it is quite legal to hang out the red light on the barn door.

I was hoping you'd pick up on that to see just how tuned you Danes were to the local .... er ..... action.

They even had "typcal prices" listed.

Look, been there .... but not done that .... saw Tivoli and the Mermaid.
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I have no idea on how to figure that out from your two posts And by the way. I'm one of the top 2% most tuned in danes, but apparently there has been no talk in Danish media about Norwegian guys having sex with Danish prostitutes Never heard of it And sadly enough - I don't have any Norwegian news to counter your attack with

I bet about ½ of the guys on this site thinks Denmark is the capital of Ikea And that's even a compliment - nobody knows wtf DK is however, a guy from Denmark is tasty (a guy from denmark is called a danish..)
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Let's not put the horse before the cart, but have a US man and woman ever before both led the overall standings at the same time? Maybe Tamara McKinney and Phil Mahre? Don't think so, though. Could be a first.
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New officer in the French Foreign Legion asks his men what they do for "pleasure" out here?

Old enlisted ... "Well sir, we use the camel!"

Later when they find the young officer on a ladder in a compromising position behind the camel ...

Old enlisted ..... "Er .. sir .. we use the camel to get into town"

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Careful Yuki, soon people will be pilgrimaging to Denmark
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Originally Posted by prickly View Post
Maybe Tamara McKinney and Phil Mahre?
Both were overall World Cup champions in 1983.
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From Wikipedia: Møllehøj is the highest natural point in Denmark at 170.86 m.(560.56feet) It is in the Ejerbjerge hills in Skanderborg municipality, very close to Ejer Bavnehøj. The summit is marked with a millstone, a remnant of Ejer mill which was situated on the hill from 1838 to 1917. The mill had 8 sides and had an onion-shaped roof.

Excellent skiing in Denmark!!
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