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USSA points differences between divisions

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Anybody have any experience with racing in different USSA divisions. Do you ski at the same point levels? For example if you had 100 USSA points in Central division and you went to a race in Rocky Mountain, Would you still ski at the same point level? Would you get about a 100 point race result? Or vice versa?
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I think it varies depending on discipline. If you use slalom as an example, I know that a few years ago, 100 point racers from PNSA, ALASKA or NORHTERN skied 10 to 20 points lower when they skied in EASTERN or say ROCKY. The point opportunities in slalom are much better in those regions generally due to a much better field. EASTERN for example have participation from a lot of good college skiers that can help bring the penalty down and at times race conditions are so good that even the later starters can have really favorable conditions. I think it is similar in GS, but probably not as much difference. Speed events are much more even, possibly tilted the other way with respect to EASTERN as they don't do too much SG and DH there.
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We've had skiers from Rocky and other divisions come to our Mid-Ams because the SL points are better. Of course there's the Lutsen Spring Series.
I usually find that my kids ski their points in Rocky SL and GS but haven't had any go to the East(except Shelly Glover and that's different).
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The current penalty system works pretty well as an across the board athlete comparison. Certainly tho, not as a predictor of future success.

In reality, you need to look at an athletes race history to truly get a picture of their rankings. Funny how you will see within a region or division the same race as each athlete's best result - sometimes providing a 25% or better point opportunity than anything they ever achieved.

My experience in Western Region and Eastern Region racing against Rocky athletes indicates a surprising parity in points v. skill - at least in the tech events. In most cases, 80 here is 80 there.
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I thought that PNSAs Golden Rose race was a really good point race, probably better than what most divisions have. Other than that races in PNSA don't have that good of points.

And no one is saying that Central skiers can't race a mountain GS??
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I don't think I heard that about Central. Who said it?
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Agree with the Golden Rose comment. As far as I recall, the last few years it has benefitted from participation by several low point holders, so the penalty has been great. Additionally, the race conditions have been very good so that later skiers can get good points as well. Some of the PNSA slaloms really rut up so it can be a slow process for some of the 990 racers to build a points profile.

Not sure about the GS comment. Pesonally, I have seen plenty of CENTRAL skiers rip on very demanding GS courses.
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The comment about central skiers came from a NCAA division 1 coach, who at that time thought that Central racers were "half a skier" meaning slalom skiers only.
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That comment was made by someone when I was at the Acadamy in 2001. The discussion leader, Dave Galusha I think, didn't agree with it then.
I guess there will always be those that say that. Oh well. That's their problem. Most NCAA coaches are looking for ready made teams(Europeans)and not too interested in developing talent.(I'm probably going to catch it for this one : )
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