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Too much snow....

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...has closed almost every resort in the state.
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Make the trek to Crystal or Baker.
Only the Summit, Stevens, and White Pass have road closures.
But imagine if you could be up there.........
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Man, how depressing. Is Crystal the only one open tomorrow? I know Mt. Baker, Stevens and White Pass are all closed tomorrow. I can't tell from Snoqualmie's website what their deal is, and I don't know where they are in relation to the closed part of I-90. Crystal's gonna be a zoo, I have a feeling, with nowhere else for people to go. I'm hoping the roads are opened early enough tomorrow that Stevens can do at least some avy control and open some stuff up on Sunday. There's piles of snow up there waiting to be skied.
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Baker is closed. Stevens is closed. White Pass is closed. Snoqualmie is closed. I can't get to mission. Crystal will have the upper mountain closed.
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I work on a tug boat and go away for a few weeks at time. This is my time on the boat.

This would be killin me if i was off and couldn't use my pass up at Stevens. I hope we get some moderation in the next few days.
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Originally Posted by PhilT View Post
Baker is closed. Stevens is closed. White Pass is closed. Snoqualmie is closed. I can't get to mission. Crystal will have the upper mountain closed.
From Mission Ridge's website:

"Update: Mission Ridge is closed for the day due to high winds, conditions will be re evaluated Saturday morning."

Might not matter that you can't get there. No upper mountain at Crystal? Ouch, it's gonna be a rough day tomorrow. All that snow, and no way to get to it.
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It is hammering down up there.
Stevens 18", 18", 30", last three days as of I think 6am, not to mention what might have fallen today.
Alpental has gotten 18"plus since 6am.
WSDOT did not mention closure up to Baker but I did not check the mtn's site.
I lived up there most of my life (live in Portland last 2 years) and cannot remember this massive of road closures.
Last week we were getting twice as much as you at Hood, this week your getting four times what we've been getting.
I don't know if Mission would be so good. Telemetry reports gusts of 100mph at the top. But there would be some great pockets from the wind.
I feel for you, can you imagine if you could be up there....
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WSDOT site reports 90 might open this evening, Hwy 2, tommorrow morning.
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In all my years of skiing in the Washington Cascades (44) I've never seen it like this. Rumor has it that Baker had at least one inbound slide that trapped people. It was at the bottom of Gabl's, by the water tank. It's dangerous out there!
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It is going to get worse as temps reach into the lower/mid 30's today.
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Here's a pic from Friday:

Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.

NWAC forecast is for EXTREME avalanche danger. It rarely gets to that level, and forecasters are clling this the highest avalanche danger in the past 20 years.

It is possible there will be slides with 6' to 18' crowns. These types of slides will break open 100 year paths, and destroy entire groves of mature trees.

Fortunately, the forecast is calling for a rapid drop in freezing level tonight, and the danger dropping to high to considerable by tomorrow.
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Hwy 2 closed through tomorrow at least, due to an avalanche. They have a video on the stevens pass website showing one end of it, I guess that's as close as they can get.
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Crystal was a ZOO today! Warm, too. Northway was closed but all other lifts were open. This is only my second season, so maybe this always happens, but it took ages to get up the Crystal road because the people who should have chained up, didn't. There were stuck cars and vans that needed other drivers to push them, and people were stopped randomly (and blocking) on the road chaining up. Traffic was very backed up as a result. Is it always like that?
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Great picture Harry, although I think that was probably from Thursday. I was up Friday and it was a wonderful day, albeit, a ton of snow already down, and snowed all day too. WSDOT says hwy is suppose to open at 6:00 am on Sunday, and races continue, but sheesh, especially with all the snowboard talent up there because of the race, hopefully people will be careful tomorrow.
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