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Atomic SX Ti's?

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Yeah, on this one site I go to when looking for sis, they got a closeout sale on 05/06/07 skis, and right now, there is a SX Ti on there for 249.99 with bindings. The original price is supposed to be 899.99, so it seems like a great deal. They also got it in my size.

So... anybody have any experience with these skis?
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Do you mean SX10 Ti?
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No: http://www.skiersoutlet.com/index.ph...shop&Itemid=32

I'm also befuddled with that question as well. At some ski stores online and local (in the boston area), there are skis like the SX:Ti, and the Izor Ti, but when I look for ski reviews for these skis, they don't show up.
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The Atomic SX:Ti is the lowest-end within the 06/07 Atomic SX (supercross, ie skiercross) range of 4 models, SX12, SX:B5, SX:10, and SX:Ti, in that order. That probably explains why there are few-to-none reviews for it (product reviews, esp. professionally-written ones, tend to be for high-end skis).

The Atomic ad-copy says:

"There's nothing like rolling your skis on edge, and laying downa powerful carve. The Ti offers power transfer remniscent of its bigger brothers, but adds a mid-fat waist for improved soft-snow versatility."

BetaPuls Carbon Tex
4Tix integrated binding
Aerospeed topsheet
Radius: 17m
Dimensions: 115-72-103 (175L)
Sizes: 154/161/168/175/182
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I have no experience with that model. I liked the SX11; the 10 not so much (though it would beat the 11 in bumps and some here do like it). One level down from the 10? No thank you.
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Okay, thanks a bunch,m I was just wondering what in the world the SX:Ti was, since I had a hard time finding it anywhere else (besides ebay), or reviewed anywhere. Anyways, I guess I'll opt away from these if they are the bottom line SX model.
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