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EMS "Therom" Jacket and Pant.....

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Considering purchasing a jacket and pant for alpine and backcountry skiing from EMS. It is their house brand "Therom" jacket and pant. Wondering if anyone out their has any thoughts on the quality and performance. Thanks
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Spend the extra money for gore-tex or similar product. I am a big fan of gore-tex xcr or the new proshell but there may be others out there. I skimped alot of years ago on a columbia omnitech product (junk didn't last and was heavy) and then an inexpensive Laminate EMS product that was waterproof for a while but after a few years it lost it. All this time my wife had a goretex classic product from ll bean that has lasted for over 12 years. We now both have arcteryx gore-tex jackets and are very happy with them. Goretex can be expensive, but deals can be found. One of our jackets was $279 and the other was $255. A good shell can be a long term investment if bought well. EMS has a goretex jacket for only 30 bucks or so more than the thorem. This is a great time of year to find a deal on stuff so look around. There may be better products than Gore-tex, but top companies like Arcteryx, Mntn Hardwear, North Face, etc still use it in there top products. Part marketing yes, but it still has to perform. Getting wet and cold in the backcountry wouldn't be fun.
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I received the Theorem Jacket for Christmas. It's actually pretty decent. I haven't had any issues with it yet, I've used it for the extra cold days on the mountain and with a thermal pro fleece have found it to be very comfy. I've also used it just for normal cold days when I don't feel like layering a fleece and a shell. I normally use a TNF Mountain Light for skiing and find that it is more breathable (and versatile), but for the days where I would prefer some extra insulation, it's great (plus, it's got pit zips). As far as EMS products go, their warranty is awesome. If you have any problems whatsoever, just bring it back to the store and they'll give you a replacement no questions asked. In the past I have found that their "System Three", is just as good as normal Gore-Tex, so long as you maintain it with proper washing and renewal spray. The waterproofing is pretty solid but it does lack a noticeable amount of breathability compared to Gore-Tex XCR.
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I just picked this jacket up a couple of weeks ago. So far I am really liking it. Warm enough and has plenty ventilation on warmer days. I picked this jacket up on sale plus I had a coupon so it ended up costing just under $120. I figured for that price it only had to last a year. I have worn it skiing in freezing rain and have been dry and warm so no complaints. I see they are still on sale for $150 online.
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