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Advice on boots

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I'm an intermediate-advanced all-mountain skier looking for some new boots. I routinely ski only about 7-10 days a year, but I want to get a great boot that will last me for several years to come. I do not have any bootfitters in my area (closest is about 3 hrs away) so I'm hoping to get some advice on my purchase.

At this point, I've been keeping an eye on the Net mostly for 1-2 season old boots as my budget doesn't allow for me to get any 2008s. These are the models I've been looking at so far:

Tecnica Diablo Flame/Magma
Salomon XWave 10/Falcon/S-Lab
Fisher MX9/F9000
Head Mojo
Rossi Bandit B-Squad
Dalbello Proton
Atomic RT CS/M-Series
Nordica Speedmachine/Hot Rod

These are some of the boots I've seen with better reviews. I did visit a local ski shop, but the only boot they offered to me was a Vento 4. They are a Tecnica/Nordica dealer but didn't have any of the higher end models. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed.

I'm approx. 5' 6" and weigh around 180 lbs. Very short inseam (only 28-29"), so cuff height and rear spoilers may be an issue for me. The Ventos I tried on felt like they would make my foot fall asleep after 15-20 min from pinching very hard on my calves.

Based on my height and the foot measurements below, can anyone give me a rough idea of which boot would be the best for me? I believe I'm going to be right around a mondo 26.0, but I thought I'd ask the expert's opinion. I plan to get to a bootfitter as soon as I can, but it may not be until my trip to Colorado the 1st week of March.

Left foot:

Length: 245 mm
Max width: 100 mm
Ankle width: 45 mm (taken about 5-6mm from the back of the ankle)
Instep width: 82mm
Instep height: 87mm (taken right at joint from instep to leg)

Right foot:

Length: 243 mm
Max width: 103 mm
Ankle width: 43 mm
Instep width: 80mm
Instep height: 87mm

Any advice would be most appreciated.
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why not just get the boots from a boot fitter, in CO, in march? That way they can sell you the right boot, and then do some adjustments on it after you ski it for a day or so.
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I would do that, but 1) I'd like to try to break them in a little before my trip and 2) I'm able to find most of these boots online for around $300 or less.

I also have my doubts that many bootfitters will have a surplus of 1-2 season old boots in their shops. Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for me to spend $600 on a set of boots at the moment which is why I've been looking online.

If any bootfitters have these boots then by all means please let me know!

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the boots you have listed cover a WIDE list of fits and flexes

Salomon XWave 10/Falcon/S-Lab

the wave is a med to wide fit, and a range of flexes from 60-100, and should be on sale as it was dropped a year ago. replace with the impact.

the falcon is a new boot last year and almost a full carry over for this year (no sales) and a 98mm last, with a narrow heel. flex 90-120

the Slab is a super stiff, narrow, race boot.

You might find that if you call ahead the boot fitting stores MIGHT have some old stock, on sale too. Tell them what you can spend and they might be able to find a few gems in the back corners etc.

A good deal, on the wrong boot, is worthless.

breaking the wrong boot in pre-trip, might just cause more headaches then you want. Wrong boot, wrong flex, wrong shape, etc. Then more money to try to fix some of the issues that if you had gotten the right boot in the first place wouldn't hurt both your wallet or your foot.

Hay sometimes online works out great, but you might not have to pay anymore for a fitted too too?
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Thank you for the feedback so far.

One of the primary reasons I posted was so that one of you could confirm my boot size for me based on my foot measurements. Can someone give me an idea if I'm right about my size? Based on what I've read I'm going to be somewhere around a mondo 26.0. With this information I can at least contact some bootfitters to see if they have any boots in stock in my size.

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I would say much more a 25ish boot

I measure 265mm and ski a 25 boot happily..
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