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More helmet

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Originally Posted by Richie-Rich View Post
Some helmet steeze



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Sounds like the thing's designed to keep away frostbite more than impact damage...

Snowboarders suffer wind chill to exposed areas of skin when at altitude or under severe weather conditions.
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Only if they come in a stripped motif.

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Power Rangers!
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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your enquiry.
RuRoC products are ASTM and CE certified. We're looking at expanding these to
cover SNELL too but that may not happen for a couple of months yet.
The only place you can currently order RuRoC products is online although we're
negotiating with retailers and stockists worldwide to bring all things RuRoC to
a store near you.

Kind regards,

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Are your helmets and goggles certified? ASTM, SNELL, CE ?

Do you have any dealers in the USA?
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I'm sure the Darth Vader one will give more lift when hucking cliffs, I'm down for one...greater hang time.

But really, I'm sure you have worked out the venting issues so the goggles will not fog.

Here's another issue, how will the Lifty's know if your face matches the photo on the season's pass ?
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Originally Posted by tief schnee View Post
Only if they come in a stripped motif.

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For those of you who have never had the pleasure of experiencing that first hand let me just say that they inhabit Killington and Hunter Mountain in NY on the weekends.

A few other pointers:

1. Their hair can in fact cause puncture wounds so resist the temptation to touch it.

2. Jets jackets are the required dress for the Saturday afternoon gaper dash with their friends.

3. Turning is a concept that they have not yet mastered, "Because fu***** speed feels good."

Lord help us all.
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Seen and overheard many years ago while riding Jet with friends at Jay Peak (at the extreme northern end of the range of the creature):

Woman falls over and starts sliding-for-life head first,
"OH MY GAWD. I'm slidin'! I'm slidin'!"
Stem christying gentleman skiing off to the side of this scene says,
"Fugg you ya slidin'. Oh ****! Ya slidin'!"
...much hilarity ensued.

We had much fun repeating these lines when we'd fall over the years.
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The problem with venturing as far north as Jay Peak is that the decrease in temperature and added travel time can cause brittleness of the hair actually resulting in the scalp being impaled by its own follicles (sp?) Thus they stay closer to Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Rarely seen on the slopes before noon on Sundays, their cologne has been know to melt man made snow as it floats through the air. "F***ing Yo, I smell good."
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post
Here's another issue, how will the Lifty's know if your face matches the photo on the season's pass ?
And will they let you on the lift with that Blow-up toy?:

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