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been to tahoe lately?

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Anyone been up to tahoe lately? How's it skiing?


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Last weekend was great, ungroomed Fri and plenty of fluff on Sat. Current reports are for packed powder. No new snow but plenty of base. Sunny skis with a bit of wind.
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It has been warm the last two days with temps forecasted in the high 40's low 50's today and tomorrow.

Plenty of base but spring like conditions. Bring your cruisers and a t-shirt
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Yesterday's Unofficial Alpine Meadows Snow Report:
We just stepped over the line from the cold temperatures of an
arctic January and early February, to the warmer temperatures of an
early spring. This afternoon the sun is shining, after an early
morning of overcast skies and flat light on the upper mountain. The
thermometer is leaning into the middle forties. Our snow is changing
from lovely winter powder and packed powder to a more spring like
packed powder (on the north upper slopes) to a wetter and more firm
snow on the lower slopes. The transition is not complete yet, but
the forecast for warmer daytime temperatures should accelerate the

This morning we enjoyed a few wonderful, soft, corduroy runs
before deciding to test the backcountry snow between Lakeview and the
lower valley. Our tour, to an area know to us as O' Henry's, took us
through the forested area of Field of Dreams where the snow was still
good powder. The balance of the steep run leading to Snow Crest Road
was untracked but much heavier and more difficult to ski. The snow
was consistent, thus not really difficult to maneuver, but it took
more concentration and more effort than the upper 1/3rd of the tour.
I doubt that it will be worth the effort to ski this shaded
backcountry area of Alpine Meadows after another day or two of warm
weather. The snow will soften and melt, and then, most likely crust
over. Thus, we will either want to stick to the south facing slopes
and hope they really turn to spring snow, or we will want to enjoy
the good snow remaining on the north facing slopes and the groomed
areas. Today, Palisades, D7, D8, Wolverine, Alpine Bowl, Sunspot,
Peril Ridge, Waterfall, The Face and others were excellent.
It sure was nice having the sun shine for a couple of days this
week after all the cloudy weather we have had the past month.
No snow in the immediate forecast, but we're coming off an awesome January, and the snow will start again soon.
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no new snow this weekend. But superb weather and hero snow at Mt Rose this morning
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