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Fischer AMC 79s & railflex bindings- users opinions...

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I just took delivery of a set of 2007 AMC 79s in 182cm. I'm 6'4" and about 93kg. I got them second hand. I'm a pretty good, aggressive skier, can sometimes get a bit scrappy and am looking to get more comfortable on more varied snow conditions.

Just a couple of questions.

The bindings, have you ever played about with the positioning of the railflex bindings... What positional settings have you noticed make a difference in certain snow conditions?

The top sheet - looks a lot nicer in real life than in the pictures. The hologram effect is cool. The set i have have only been used for 4 days and there's a few scrapes - nothing major but they are there. Have you had any durability problems?


what base/sidewall angles do these skis come out of the factory with? I'd like to know for when i hand them to someone to get a hot wax and tune before i use them.

Anything else about the ski and i'd like to hear it, but it looks like i'm going to have fun on them
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I just got The Fischer AMC 76 myself (were you the one that beat me out on E-Bay on those 79's?? by $3 dollars too..made me mad! had to settle for the 76's) anyway.....postitions....the front one will make you turn easier (more begginer/intermediate) the middle one is just all around good position and the back one is for powder(help you float better they say) and more stability at higher speeds. As big as you are and if you ski well...the back position may work better for you. I'm 5'11" 215lbs and an agressive skiier so thats what I'll be trying..Whats so sweet about these bindings is you can play with them and not mess anything up! As for the edges....s/b.... 1/3..... 1 degree base bevel with a 3 degree sidecut.
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I use the AMC79's extensively here in the east. Bought them to replace my K2 Recon's. Here are my opinions point by point. BTW I would put myself at a level 7-8.
  • Overall a very fun ski.
  • Much better in powder up to a foot or so than you would expect for their width.
  • Very good in choppy snow...in fact I have much more fun on them in those conditions than my Salomon Guns despite the extra width...just too light and unstable for me.
  • Tip can get a little fluttery at speed on the groomed...but not really unstable.
  • Tail is fairly strong so edge grip on hard snow is good...not the equivalent of my AllStars of course...never played with edge bevels.
  • I enjoy them allot in softer bumps even large ones...just stay centered and off the fairly stiff tails.
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