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New term in Travel Lexicon

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Your lexicon reporter, on location, in Utah.
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Bathroom Tissue Rue Roll. You might rue the day you use it?????
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"The Choice of Food Service Professionals" ... ... . .

I wonder if they got the spelling at the bottom write .... is it 550 Sheets or is it .... 550 shi ...

Probably the first thing on Steep & Cheep that was worth buying?

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You're just a wee bit too observant, comprex. Were you just killing time in the loo?

We got some pressurized air at work one day. This is the box it came in. You'd be a happy monitor, too.

Here's another favorite. I took this on a trip to the Washington coast one day. May I have an appointment, please?

And this is always good for a smile. I think I'll get ON the wagon!
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I like their motto: "We're not #1 butt we're right up there"


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