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Marker 1300 Piston Control v Marker 1400 Piston Control

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What are the main differences between these two bindings? Other than the DIN (which I use an 8), is there much else that is different between the two? I am planning on mounting one of these sets on a pair of Atomic Blackeyes 178's. If any bears out there have opinions, PLEASE let me know and your recommendation. Thanks and I await reading your post.
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1 DIN.

O.K., 1 DIN and the the 1300 uses a lighter weight heel plate so it's a touch lighter.
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Go with the 1300 it will be lighter, you don't need the all out race binding.
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Thanks for the two comments so far. Based on my dinn setting of 8, out of the following three bindings which one should I get? I generally like to fly around groomed blues and do not ski the moguls.

12.0 Piston Control
1300 Piston Control
1400 Piston Control

My local Marker dealer has recommended the 1400's to me. While I have a chance to pick up the new 07/08 12.0's at a price very similar to that of the 1300/1400's, based on the type of skiing that I do, which binding does my fellow bears recommend that I purchase of the three? Or, is there another Marker model that is recommended?

While I understand that the 1300 and 1400 are older models and that the one than the one dinn setting and the slightly lighter heel plate is there a reason that I should be looking at an older 1300/1400 model rather than a newer Marker models?

Is one binding better constructed than the other? Are the older bindings constructed the same as the newer bindings? With a dinn setting of 8, would I have a problem using the 1400's?

Thanks to all answering these questions.
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Bump...any opinions out there from my fellow Bears
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You asked for opinion...

The 1300/1400 model numbers are from 2004'ish.
The 12.0 are bang up to date, right?

You want bindings set at 8 DIN, and my rule of thumb is that the preferred DIN should be around two-thirds to three-quarters of the binding range to be in its natural working area.

So the 12.0 should be absolutely fine. You can still crank it to 10 or 11 if you're running gates for fun in a holiday GS.

If there is a decent saving in buying the 1300 then go for that - I don't think there have been significant changes to the Piston bindings in recent past that make the newer binding a must.

Forget the 1400. It's heavier and you don't need the extra DIN point.
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The 1400 is a little overkill of your intended use, but it won't harm you either. The newer 12.0 will be indemnified ("covered by Marker") longer and would adequately support your needs.

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Just to review:
1400 PC and 1300 PC - 1400 has 1 DIN heigher and steel baseplates rather than titanium baseplates (both heel and toe).

1400/1300 PC and 12.0 PC - Higher DINs (2 and 1 settings respectively), 12.0 has a titanium baseplate underneath the heel.

1400/1300 both have the Comshock Piston. This is a redundant unit inside the toe piece that dampens forward shock. The 12.0 does not have it.

My opinion: if they are all at the same price, get the 1300 PC. It's lighter than the 1400 and has a couple of extra bells and whistles than the 12.0 (Ti heel and toe baseplates rather than just in the heel and Comshock Piston).

Or you can go the route that the snowboarding crowd uses: what looks better on the skis?

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Thanks all....it looks like the Marker 1300's are the way to go.
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