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Stockli Stormrider TT

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Anyone skied these?
Searches haven't shown much.
I'm wondering how they compare to other Stocklis as well as similar skis:
Seth, PE, Bridge, Gotama ...
Not a big fan of wood core Stocklis, prefer the Iso-cores.
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I demo'd these at Big Sky last weekend and really like them. It was the first pair of Stockli's that I had skiied on and was very impressed. They were good in 6-8" powder, fairly tight trees, bumps, and really good on groomers where you can rip and power through almost anything.

I was on the 188's and thought was a very good length, I am 6'3" 240. I didnt get into too much deep stuff, but think that would be the one area where they may not be the best as they dont feel like a 95 underfoot. I ski out east and would definately consider buying these as my everyday ski. I am on a Fischer Atua right now (186, 96).

I tried some 190 Seths (couple years old) and didnt like them at all, very heavy and slow. I also tried last year's Gotama's (183, didnt have the 190's) which I liked a lot and if you are going to be skiing more powder think would be a better ski than the Stormrider TT.

Hope this helps.
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Apparently there are not very many TT's out there. Understandable, I guess.
I got a deal on a pair of them this Fall and have been skiing them this season. It's been a great powder season so far and I like the ski very much. I'm 5' 10" 168lbs 61 yo, been skiing @ 46 years, ski area employee.
I ski S.W Montana, we have 100 inch + base.

I've got the 177cm ski, my body height. I usually look at the longest ski a company makes and buy the next size down. Stockli's description shows the TT for comfort and powder and it is right on. In deep powder I simply let the ski recover it's camber, unweight, change the edge and the ski turns itself again and again. The ski has @ 25m radius and it seems effortless, makes no difference weither it's untracked or cut up, light or heavy. when I come back in bounds and head for the lift there's that great on piste stability that Stockli is famous for. Yeah, if I was 20 years younger I would be on the DP, but I reluctantly realize that I'm not as strong as I was and my skills are diminishing somewhat. If I was at Alta or Snowbird(again) than I might be lured to a 100mm+ underfoot. There is rumor that Stockli may have one in the works. This powder ski replaces my old Cold Smokes which are bigger but I don't miss them.
On groomers I ski a 184 StormriderAT. With Stockli's hand made construction these skis may very well out last me.
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I've had the 188 TT's for a year, although I havent' skied them for a couple months since I lost one at Snowbasin in Dec and just got it back. The ski is damn good everywhere. It's great in the pow, smooth, easy turning, feels about perfect except it would be nice if it was wider, you're just down in the snow a bit more. It rips the hardpack great too, excellent edgehold, I can even get a bit of pop out of the turns, I'm 5'11, 165.

I mounted mine 1.5cm back which is where the demo was mounted that I skied at Alta, so I had them mount mine the same. It feels great everywhere except in tight trees is feels a bit long radius, I would probably go a bit more forward on the mount if I wanted to ski a lot of trees, I was on the first gen Gotamas for 3 years, and they were a bit more surfy and smearable in the pow but not as versatile as the TT.
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