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Sports Express

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Anybody ever use this ski delivery service to ship their skis to the mountain in advance, instead of lugging them on the plane (and losing them at the change of planes)? I am tempted to try this service when I take the family west to ski over the holidays. Would be interested your experience.
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I haven't heard of them. What is the advantage of these guys over Fed Ex our UPS? Will they take and insure your gear in soft sided bags or do you have to go with a cardboard container?
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just got a quote; these guys are expensive! never mind!
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I just read about them in my roomate's pilfered December copy of SKIING magazine. On page 176 they mention "around 40 bucks" to pick up your gear from your home and deliver it to your destination.

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quote to me was over $200, one way--but we have lots of stuff
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