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The unique issue for me is my weight and moderate speed carving, learning. Stiffness for a 240lber carving on soft snow?

Head im 78, 177cm- maybe add a 13mm carving plate and some FF
Head Chip XRC, 177cm
Head iXRC 1200, 177cm
Fischer, Cool heat, 180cm
Fischer, Progressor, 180cm (rare bird)
Volkl, Allstar 182cm (extinct bird)
Dynastar Contact Ltd, '08 , ?cm --- no metal in ski
Nordica speedmachine Mach 3 or Mach 3 Power

I am a western WA skier, 240lb. 6'2" Intermediate type really. I am looking for a good 'All mtn carver' for softer slopes. 177cm to low 180cm's, ~15m radius. Not sure about the stiffness I need for carving at moderate speeds at 240lbs. Maybe I need a little more flexibility length wise to do this? Not sure if the 70mm waist is where I should be if I'm on soft snow. I'm learning to carve more and more and less skid, pivot. I've got the 888's for all things on the backside and deep for cruising. So I really want a 2" to 6" fresh snow 70/30 to 50/50 frontside/backside which is good on a soft groomer, and handle everything for a day except deep powder/hard ice pack/forget the park.

I don't like skiing bumps, if this is not obvious and as an engineer my thinking is too precise (this is obvious) and it just doesn't seem to be too many options for a ski 71mm-75mm. Favorable properties being: turn initation (SW construction?), ~15m radius, 175cm to low 180cm's, waist 69-78cm. I like the smaller tail then tip set up. RX-8, elan 888, but at moderate to faster speeds not get twitchy to turn. My guess, Head Im78 w/ a 13mm carve plate.