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This is Teddy.

My neighbor Beemer, an older golden retriever girl is my best friend, but she steals all my tennis balls when I am in the house and takes them 2 her yard. My best pal hrstrat57 went over Beemer's yard the other day and took about 20 of them back. Of course, my pal/ owner hrstrat57 is pretty hard core tennis player so he has lotsa tennis balls but I wanted the nasty, juicy ones back. I worked real hard on them to make them nasty. 

Beemer was mad.

I have so many again I run around in circles trying to figure out which one is the juiciest.

I would love to share them with Millie....but she better be fast....because I am a 3 yr old poodle rocket dog.



I can't hide anything from her, she is always watching me!!!

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Originally Posted by DonDenver View Post

Oh, hi everybody, me again…MILLIE


I wanted to share a picture sequence of Betsy and her friend Tsavo visiting with my distant cousin Sue at the top of Copper Mtn this weekend.  Sue serves with AVI search and rescue.  She just loves her work in the CO mountains.  I’m very proud of her  :


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Woohoo - I can join in now!
Today we got to spend the day with Millie, a 7 month old English Springer Spaniel (working dog, not show dog)
Her current owner is having to move from a farm to an apartment and wanted her to go to a good home. We are getting her on Monday 3rd May, but couldn't wait that long to see her again, so we picked her up today, just for the day.

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 WTFH, Millie is gorgeous!
Nice pics!
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It is such a sad trick that the BESTEST animal ever only live 10-17 years!!  Doggies should live for 50-80 years!!!!!!!!!!
Why is God so cruel???

Originally Posted by SugarCube View Post

Aw, dog threads get me everytime. Here's the Wonder Dog last year at Loveland. This year, she's fighting the good fight against cancer. Go Shadow go!!
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Lots of sweet dogs here. I've had 6 myself. Labs, spaniels, beagles, mutts. Never met anyone cooler than my sons "Bear the Ski Dog". Found him as a stray. Took him to the woods and turned him loose, figuring that if he took off so be it. That was 6 years ago. Bear has barked only twice, to warn another dog about walking in front of a moving car. Led me home through the woods once when I got "confused" on a solo tour without a map


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Is that a corgi? :) looks a lot like mine..055-1.jpg
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Well, the locals jokingly call it the "North Bend" breed. A number of mutts in the area of North Bend, Washington have the same coloration and mellow disposition. Last time I was there I saw one with the face of a collie.  Body sizes and muzzles vary according to the mix. What is really cool is that Bear follows my son everywhere walking just behind and beside him. Never needed a leash. That was a problem once when on a technical rock climb, without my son seeing,  Bear followed up the face and had to be lowered off a ledge on a rope.

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Stewart, this is the best.  congratulations.

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After reading Wear The Fox Hat’s announcement of a new Millie and member of the Dog Pic Thread you’d expect another post coming from our Millie beginning with her usual sign-on:

“Oh, high everybody, it’s me again…Millie!”

Millie’s fondness of the Dog Pic Thread showed with her many posts as she worked so hard learning to log in [under my name…sorry mods] posting updates and comments on her many friends’ pictures.   Unfortunately she will no longer be able to do so.   

Millie passed away quietly early morning this past Saturday.

Millie’s manner of passing exampled her way of life by never once complaining or giving those she loved any unnecessary grief.  Betsy’s Dad found her waiting in the same position he sees her each morning before their walk and in such a peaceful pose that he thought [hoped] she was still asleep.  So typical of Millie to soften any blow for him.

Millie was 15 and lived a very good life giving more love than a family’s return of that love all added.  While her body began to break down her spirit certainly did not falter and I really believed she could sense that awful discrepancy.  Not doing all the things she was once physically and exceptionally capable of caused her concern pleasing the family…of course all part of the high expectations she set for herself each day.  I also think the visit Betsy and I had planned to see her in just a couple of weeks was weighing heavily with her as she so enjoyed our time of walks, tennis ball chasing, squirrel hunting as well as Moose & Black Bear tactical avoidance training.  She just couldn’t muster it with the more frequent naps and poor hips…and in her mind I’m sure a huge disappointment in letting us down.  I wish we could have given her a hug and told her otherwise.

We learned of Millie’s passing 15 minutes before we met over a dozen Epic Bears at Vail’s chair 8.  Betsy’s Dad thought otherwise to delay the call but I think Millie somehow influenced the right decision.  I knew immediately when I saw Betsy on the phone.  What a good dog…how Millie knew to have a day surrounding Betsy and me with friends providing sympathy as well as the joy in sharing turns on a mountain…well again, typical Millie to better serve us.  Everyone was wonderful in making the day joyous as did Millie while in her company.  In particular, I’d like to thank Finndog and Philpug for their remarkable sensitivity as they would often take Betsy aside and all share stories of their beloved dogs.

I'm convinced that Millie sent a couple of messages I now believe prepared us unknowingly for her passing.  That Friday evening we arrived to the Vail Condo before our Saturday ski with the Epic Bears when as soon as I opened my door there were two labs tail thwacking my door as it opened wide looking at me with the same excitement and expression that Millie would.  One lab was Black and had the same large head and those puppy paws that were never fully grown into.  The other lab was white…as Betsy exclaimed "look Don an Angel lab".  The dog’s owner allowed them both to escort us up the stairs to our landing and doorway.  All we could do was to pet and love those big hearted loving lugs while talking about how we’d soon be seeing Millie.  Absolutely strange that experience as we’ve never seen that condo owner or his dogs before…what else do we conclude than a special touch from Millie?  

Millie was laid to rest near the long driveway she’d keenly watch whenever Betsy’s Dad happen to be returning from a quick trip to the hardware store where there’d be no room left in the SUV.  Seldom would be that occurrence in her youth as Millie could always find ways to squeeze into any space just to be near her best friend.  She’ll now understand he’ll leave alone in the SUV but nevertheless forever happy to see him return. 

Millie also has a view of the ocean, a favorite spot for her during the heat of summer and where the expression “salty dog” best described her coat after a swim.  Once seeing her unable to make it safely down the beach front where several tentative first paw attempts were pulled back was obviously a disappointment for her.  Nevertheless, she’d not complain but rather find a cool earth spot around back…but with her eyes a bit dimmer missing that ocean view.  Not anymore Millie. 

With love for our big headed girl...

Originally Posted by DonDenver View Post

Hi again everyone…it’s me, Millie!

It’s my 14th Birthday and I wanted to give a shout out to all my friends



Well, I’m starting to feel my age a bit more.  My hips hurt and I can’t do many of the things I once took for granted.  Winter is particularly hard on my joints as I walked about the loop:




 But it's okay…I'm cool with my age...I still have a huge heart, a big head that everyone loves to pat, and apparently my paws betray my age and have many meeting me for the first time think that I’m still a puppy growing into them…I dig that:


As I told these youngsters not long ago; It’s not the chase…it’s the love that keeps you going [sorry, they think I'm a Rock Star]:




I do find it’s important to try new things to keep you young, like whistling…pffff….pppffpfff…pzfufffpp.  Okay..I accept difficult challenges and I’m still working on it  : 



Yup, back in the day I was pleased that a girl like me [I'm on the right] could kick this guys butt chasing down the tennis ball:



I also miss, when I was much younger, the thrill of the rodent chase [but never catching as them...they taste terrible] …topping it off with a long swim in the cool ocean:



I do sometimes think about the good old days when I could hear a bit better and was more alert to the sound of tennis balls bouncing or that damn squirrel moving around the yard.  But I've got experience to offset all that age related stuff.  And besides, in my mind I'm still youthfull and love my family more each day: 


RIP Millie

[thanks everyone for you wonderful thoughts for my family]
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Aw, you guys ... I'm not too far from you, if you ever need some quality time with a snow-loving black lab (mix), let me know.


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Very sorry to hear about Millie....

Unfortunately Teddy is sad too.

His friend Beemer passed on a couple of weeks ago.

He is still confused and is constantly looking for her.

I wonder how long it takes a dog to forget a best friend?




We spend quite a bit of time here looking for our friend....


She was a sweet dog, good friend and neighbor.
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For many of us our bond and love for our dog is deep-rooted. They are our proverbial best friends. Our dogs are far more than simply pets or companions.  They become part of us, they can tell what we are thinking and understand our most subtle emotions and most of what we say. We know them too, in a way that others can't. They really don't need to talk to us, we already know.  We have a bond that cannot be broken. Dogs are in many ways smarter than us, they enjoy life for what it is; they experience pure joy sitting in the sun, chasing a stick or just staring out the window.  We loose them all to soon, but we judge that time in human years and not quality of life. I would argue that a shorter life full of joy is better than a long life incomplete. I know that when we see dogs like Finn, Larry (phils pup)Millie and Beemer, they lived very long and full lives. We still miss them.  
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Originally Posted by PimpinPanda View Post


It is such a sad trick that the BESTEST animal ever only live 10-17 years!!  Doggies should live for 50-80 years!!!!!!!!!!
Why is God so cruel???


PP, I just saw your post and thanks for the vibes.  Shadow fought the good fight but eventually succumbed to the cancer and chemo.  I still miss her terribly but we now have a bouncing, clod of a dog, American Bulldog mix named Sadie who fills the void and then some.

Just today, Uncle Louie (my other half) and I planted a bunch of trees and rose bushes...2 of them in honor of our dogs.  It's a nice way to celebrate Earth Week as well as remember our very best four-legged friends.

And Don and Betsy, my heart goes out to you.  +++++ vibes+++++ from me, Uncle Louie, and Sadie. 
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Sugarcube, Sorry I missed your post on your pup. My condolences and same sentiments as I posted above. I know what its like to have to take care of a sick pup and the devistation at the end. You know they couldn't have had the life they had without you, so know that you did all you could.

PP- God is not Cruel, and I am sure all of us wouldn't trade a minute of the time we had with our pups.  Finn was a blessing and a gift. Finn was an epileptic dog with other health issues, I was often up all night with him dealing with seizures, huge medical bills and all- I was lucky to have him, all things come to an end, Finn was between 10-11. 50 years or 15 the end is never easy and is never long enough.

I think we need a new sticky thread for our pups that have passed. It's known as a "Rainbow Bridge" in the rescued dog world. A great place to let each other know about the loss of our pups.
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Mogul 3 12 Weeks.jpg

This is Mogul...14 weeks old.
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A little off toqic but you might enjoy it.


My neighbour found  out that her dog (a Schnauzer) could hardly hear, so she took  it to the veterinarian. The vet found that the problem was hair in  the dog's ears. He cleaned both ears, and the dog could then hear  fine. The vet then proceeded to tell the lady that, if she wanted  to keep this  from recurring, she should go to the chemist  and get some "Nair" hair remover and rub it in the dog's ears once  a month.
 The lady went to the chemist and bought some  "Nair" hair remover.  At the register, the pharmacist  told her, "If you're going to use this under your arms, don't use  deodorant for a few days."
 The lady said, "I'm not using it  under my arms."
 The pharmacist said, "If you're using  it on your legs, don't shave for a couple of days."
 The  lady replied, "I'm not using it on my legs either.  If you  must know, I'm using it on my  Schnauzer."
 The pharmacist says, "Well stay off your  bicycle for about a week." 


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Muggsy, just hanging out.......



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The black one (and younger of the two) is Shasta and the blonde one is Rainier!  They are the luvs of my life!!!


The Wiminz

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Some good lookin' pups ya' got there.


I am dog sitting this weekend!  fist time a dogs been in my house in 1.5 years. It's gonna be a little strange.. But good.

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...and the livin' is easy!   ;-)

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That's a great picture. a true "it's a dogs life" shot.

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Mini Aussies


Bode - The Whack Job


Boomer - The Old Man


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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

Some good lookin' pups ya' got there.


I am dog sitting this weekend!  fist time a dogs been in my house in 1.5 years. It's gonna be a little strange.. But good.

Thanks!  And how did the dog sitting go?  Hopefully well! 

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Love all these dogs!!!


This is Rose. - as a puppy in PJ's lap one night... I want to teach here to ski!!!


SM IMGP2139.jpg


A bit bigger here -


SM IMGP2143.jpg


and now. She is the bestest dog I have ever had!


SM DSC_0026.jpg

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yes, we had a great time, took her for a 4 mile run along a very scenic river (one of Finn's favorite places) and let her play in the river. Hung out, it was a good time. 

Originally Posted by skiergirl777 View Post

Thanks!  And how did the dog sitting go?  Hopefully well! 

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There were some George Carlin clips posted recently in other threads, and reading through this one I recalled a really good bit he did about his own pets. Funny, and very touching. I figured folks making there way here might appreciate it. Hope you enjoy...



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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post

yes, we had a great time, took her for a 4 mile run along a very scenic river (one of Finn's favorite places) and let her play in the river. Hung out, it was a good time. 


Dogs are good for a person's heart!!!  Glad you had a good time! 

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they are lovely.

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Lola the Lab posing at Squaw. 




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