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Ready to SKI! Skier Dog

Dogs Love the SNOW
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Here is our latest addition to the family. Her name is Dakota. She is 3 months old.
We call her fur ball with an attitude.  No fear of anything. She loves retrieving already. 
Its what she does. Her dad is an SAR dog.  We will see how Dakota does in the department.

Her dad is Badger and her momma is Dimples.

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 Today was a great day to rake the yard.......
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taking the skis to be tuned..........
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Mikko, our "inside dog", he is an Icelandic Sheepdog

And Ranger (L) and Sasha (R).  They live outside with the sheep.  Both are Great Pyrenees, and neither are full grown when this picture was taken.  Ranger is now ~140lbs, and Sasha is ~100lbs.  Actually we just bought 2 new Great Pyrenees puppies to protect the flock when we split them up, but I don't have pics yet.
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We learned this week that our Sheltie Molly has a cancerous mass in her abdomen.   We are struggling with whether to extend life, or live what is given to the fullest. 

Ew! Dog kisses!
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Nothing "ew" about doggy kisses!

Cirque, so sorry to hear about Molly.  Our dog, Shadow, had a stage 3 mass in her chest...we had it removed (smart) then opted for chemo (the vet made us feel that we wouldn't be good owners if we didn't at least try it).  I rather regret the decision to try chemo.  Shadow did okay for about a month but then really struggled with loss of appetite and got so weak we finally let her go about 3 months later. 

Good vibes to you, your family and Molly...

UL & SC & Sadie, the new wonder dog
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 Why doesn't this work anymore?

Why won't epic take photos anymore.  POS
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Cirquerider, so sorry to hear about Molly.  We had abdominal tumors with out old dog Norman.  They were discovered in him in 06, and we were presented the same choices, he was 11 at the time.  We had to put him down for neurological reasons last December. 

We opted to let nature take its course for Norman and will always be happy with that choice.  He had 2 1/2 years of a very good life after the discovery.  He slowed down in his movements but there was no apparent pain for him from the tumor (it was the size of a pineapple) and we all adapted.  Don't be too hasty with your choices for Molly, and you will do what is right for all of you. 

Our thoughts and prayers for Molly and you.
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Thanks to all for your thought in this thread and by PM for Molly.  We are in fact celebrating her life and we just got back from a walk.  She still likes to announce how proud and please she is to be on the end of a leash. 
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So sorry to hear about Molly. My last Newfy died of prostate cancer.  The vet prescribed an anti-inflamitant, which in dogs has a bit of a chemo effect, and he was right away feeling much better, and contiued to feel good until it took off in the end (six months).  He might have lived longer with full blown chemo, but he didn't need all those hours at the vets, and the end result would have been the same.
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Thanks!  I'm not sure why I'm having problems posting pics, or why you can get my pic to post.  This is from when my dog (yellow) could still ski.  This is on top of Triple Direct on Teton Pass.  A classic line that most bears could ski with rando gear.  Unfortunitly now my dog is arthriitic and may have cancer.
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 My dogs cancer diagnosis was incunclusive.  She is 12 and I won't put her through chemo even if it turns out to get confirmed.  We have been giving her a joint compound powder lately has got her jumping and running like I haven't seen from her in a long time.  She is also on adiquine and rymidal, but this new stuff has really helped her.  I had another dog die from bone cancer.  My Dads best friend died from bone cancer at about the same time.  I was struck by how well the dog handled his illness and how when it was time we could do the right thing for him.  Neal wasn't as lucky.  I hope that your dogs illness doesn't get too ugly.  My vet isn't recommending chemo for my dog BTW. 
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This is my dog about 6 weeks ago.  She couldn't quite do the whole 5K walk for Old Bills Fun Run.  Lucky for her her dad is a patrolman who gives courtesy rides.  This pic was in the local paper and I know I posted it before.  
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TPJ, you and your dogs rock: great pic! Here's hoping everything works out for the best.
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Molly is so happy snow has returned! She is currently passed out sleeping from another day of hiking and skiing.

Video of Molly a few weeks ago.
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Cirquerider:  So sorry to hear about Molly.  She looks like a sweetheart.  Best of luck to you.

The water dog picture that tetonpwdrjunkie posted (cuuute) reminded me that I have some pix of our little 90+-pounder, Hazel.

Her tail doesn't normally curl like that...
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My boys Tuco and Bode! Two rescues that are absolutely family members...! Cannot imagine a life w/out them. Dad just got them a bagful of old tennis balls - retriever heaven!!!.  
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 Look at all the great additions to our best friends thread.

Cirque, I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts.  Rough one, eh?

Tetonpowderjunkie, shoot me a pm if you still need help with the pics but it looks like you have it handled.

Windy!  Nice additions!
Cross, I can't wait for Jesters first snow experience.  I'm betting he'll enjoy it a lot more than he did with his first rain experience. 
Irip, you drive a toaster?
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This is Taiga

She is very smart, but is getting cranky...
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Explain this fascinating sleep position?

TC, you never told us your decision on names for the little bugger.
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 His name is Jester Otis.  He answers to Jester best, but he knows he's in trouble when you use both names!
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Enjoying everbody's company after dinner in the corner of the kitchen. My 4 year old Golden Retriever , Sydney, and my daughter's boyfriend's dog, Reilly. They are just the best and just happy to be in your company. I'm the lucky one!
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 MY faithful Rough Collie, his name is Jack


We call him the smiling dog.

And our Sheltie Shane:

He's the scholarly dog.
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Pretty cool day in Boulder today, with Daisy puppy playing in the snow...

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This is Amber.  She hates water.  yeah right!

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I have two Aussies.  The older one (black tri color merle) was already a few years old when we got our second (red merle).  I'd be lying if I said that Grendel (older dog) was happy that we brought in Sydney....in fact bringing Sydney into the family was quite stressful for him, but he is fine with her now.  Sydney is our lap dog and Grendel absolutely loves going after balls and playing soccer....Sydney is more interested in chasing Grendel while he get's all the balls.

I would love taking either of them skiing with me but not sure what the etiquette is when skiing with a dog as far as where they are allowed to go etc...

Anyone know if there is a dog friendly place in Taos?

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This was just published about a friend of mine's dog.   http://tinyurl.com/yagjsbf

This was told in the local Winter Park paper back in 2003 but it did need to be retold.  Jane Rose was a great dog.  I met her for the first time in January.  I didn't get to say goodbye back in June.  She was a truly sweet hero dog.  Winter Park would be missing a Lift Ops Foreman if it wasn't for Jane Rose and her dog friends.

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