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Great pictures, I love all the different textures in that last pic.  I really miss my finn!

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Hi.  It’s me again, Millie, bumping this thread with a shout out to all my 4 legged friends.  Check this; apparently I was not good enough to be pictured in a trip report from Maine.  Lobsters?  What the hell is that?!...the rodent of the ocean gets face time?


Wacko that...so here I am in my 14th season watching over everything Mainely hoping that I’ll see some pics with news of my friends soon   


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Our new puppy was born July 5 at NitroGoldens.  She is in this photo somewhere. 
Mother's name is Dimples.  My wife and I can't wait to pick her up. 

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Here is Molly, I got her from a rescue in Denver last September. She weighed around 130lbs when I got her, she has now slimmed down to around 100lbs.

This spring she started to come skiing with me.

She loves riding shotgun. She does not like the camera so as soon as she sees it it is time to hide. I was able to get this shot before she ducked her head under the dash.
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Good to see Dakota and Maddaroo enjoying the summer without any injuries, snake-bites, etc.  And Cr0ss, Molly's a beauty.  Rescue dogs rock. 
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Originally Posted by splitter View Post

and a few more for a rainy day





 You may want to wash your jacket! It looks like its trying to eat your dog.



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Too many cool doggie pics...

here's a dog-wannabe
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TheSkier, we don't use V-Bulletin code, just load the pictures using the insert picture button.   Paste the Photobucket URL address into the existing image dialog, or upload directly from your computer.  Good looking Lab.

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^ Thanks!
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man ! what a life dogs have !

you eat all you want, sleep as much as you want, pee outside, every other dog is a potential friend or sex buddy and you get to lick your privates and then can go lick your owner's face !

if you could just see in 3 dimensions and watch sports, it would be perfect !

what cat owners put up with cat-itude on that deal, i don't know.
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We lost our 'other child' Norman in December.  He was 14, and everything you would want a dog to be.  We have his remains on  a shelf next to his favorite spot in the family room.   Just could not put his remains in the ground because this is not home, his or ours; we will but not here.

After 8 months it is almost as if he is telling us that it is time for another dog.  Is almost like we are being guided through this experience, that little voice inside us all is speaking loud and clear.  That voice has told us some interesting things and the same to both of us (very unusual).

No puppies, you aren't puppies.  Nobody that looks like Norman, not fair to anybody.  No bad hips, you did that it hurts.  No dogs that Winky the cat can beat up (was Rocky lost an eye and the rest is history).  No dogs that will beat up Winky, Norman raised him.  Last but not least, ' don't worry a dog will adopt you'.

It really is a cosmic joke that birds live as long as we do, and dogs don't.  Love em while you got em.

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So I'm a cat
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Molly joined me for a trip to 14,265' a few weeks ago.

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104 degrees

Daisy the dog adopted us 1 week ago from the pound.  Life has been a bit more rambunctious since then.  She is pretty much everything we were not looking for, but she picked us out.

They said 6 months old 1/2 beagle - 1/2 Shepard, I don't think so.  The vet on 1st glance said, 'where did you get the blue tic', doubt that too.  She full of love, play, mischief, and energy.  You;ll see a truer pic of this girl as we get them.

She is the fastest thing I have ever seen.  Took her to the dog park for a first outing to see how she would do it was amazing!  Adult dobbies, boxers, shepards; none of them could keep up.  she has the endurance to match the speed.  This girl has a set of wheels!  Need to find her a marathon runner for a workout partner. 



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My sweet Rosie passed away this last Sat (8/8/09).  We will be spreading her ashes on her favorite snow shoeing trail sometime this winter.  She was only 7.5 and left us way too soon.

RIP sweet girl...you will be missed and remembered;-(
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 UGASkidawg, it is sad to say good bye to a friend.  ((hugs)) to you and your family.
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 Its been nearly 7 years since we said good bye to Molly, our loving and adoring beagle/lab.  She was most definitely a member of our family and a friend to me.  We never replaced her because we figured she was irreplaceable, besides its easier to travel when you don't have to find someone to watch your dog.

Then this happened

We found this "drop off" at our shop two days ago, with a collar.  We've been trying to find out who the dog owns, but have had no luck.  In the mean time, he has gotten into our hearts.
We'll see if we find his people......
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

We found this "drop off" at our shop two days ago, with a collar.  We've been trying to find out who the dog owns, but have had no luck.  In the mean time, he has gotten into our hearts.
We'll see if we find his people......

Sounds like you have.  
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 Mr TC is fighting the idea that we're keeping this puppy, but we've invested some vet bills and our hearts into him for a bit over a week.
Tonight we had a few moments of hilarity in the house when we found out that this dog doesn't like the RC car.

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What a cutie TC. I hope you find the owners but they might not want him as you say he was dropped off. I'd hate to think of this little guy getting abused by anyone. You better keep him. He looks like a snuggler.
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 Here is our new addition...Ziggy.



He is a Chocolate Lab/Jack Russell mix. 
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Nice dog Phil. And if I know you, a very lucky dog.

Good for you.
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 Looks like we're keeping the puppy....
We're having trouble with names.
Wanna help pick one
These are what we have it narrowed down to:

Otis(after my grandpa)
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How about "Bumper"?
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Watching Mom go to work

Being very content

 Having just too much fun with his bone
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Explain this fascinating sleep position?

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UGAskidawg, I am so sorry for your loss. 
  I was very lucky my Golden named Goldie lived to about 171/2 year old. She passed last October.  I miss her very day. I spread some of her ashes in her favorite Pond where she loved to swim and fetch tennis balls. Then on one of our favorite hiking trails.  What is worse I have acumputer crash and lost most of my photos of her.
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